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I decided to link up my Day in the Life post on today's Tuesday Talk link up as well. These are my favorite posts to read, and I love seeing how other people "do life" so I thought it would be fun to share day with you all, even though it does not promote much discussion.

My favorite blog posts to read are day in the life posts. There's something so fun about taking a peek into someone else's day. This was a Tuesday and not a normal day. I am almost always off on Tuesdays, but on this day, Michael was off as well. Here was our fun and very low-key Tuesday. We did a lot of our 'chores' on Sunday, so we got to just relax and have lots of fun.

I woke up around 5:30 but forgot to take a picture! I lay in bed for a while and watch Ella on the monitor. She was tossing a bit, but still sleeping which I was so happy about.

We usually brew coffee every single morning at home, and rarely get coffee out, but this morning was special; Michael had this day off with us! And despite it being a bit chilly outside (chilly for us this time of year) I decided to go get us our favorite Hazelnut Americano from The Coffee Bean.

Still dark! There was a local homeless man inside sleeping with his head on the table. I wanted to wake him and ask him if he wanted a coffee or any breakfast. For some reason, I didn't ask and I have regretted it since... Sigh. I should have helped him! 

I got back and enjoyed my coffee for a bit before mixing Ella's morning bottle.

6:30 am on the dot, and our sunshine was up! We changed her diaper and got her cuddly on the sofa with her bottle. She is so sweet in the mornings.

Shortly after her bottle, Ella was ready for her breakfast. I made her some oatmeal and put it in her squeeze pack, as she loves feeding herself. She also had a few bites of scrambled egg and applesauce.

Some playing and ripping things off the TV stand, her favorite activity.

We brushed our teeth, and we got Ella dressed for the day.

Our usual walk to the beach and park. Ella had so much fun and loved having her Dad there on this Tuesday. He normally works all day on Tuesdays, so this was a fun surprise. 

So much fun. It was such a gorgeous cool morning. Loving this Fall weather.

Love these two together!

We got back from the park and Michael headed to the gym for some basketball. I decided to steam some potatoes and squash for Ella's lunch and dinner tomorrow. While I was prepping, Ella was acting really hungry, so I decided to let her eat her leftover egg from the morning and gave her some steamed squash and Hawaiian roll as well. Her appetite is shocking.

Going to town! She loves squash, egg and bread!

Ella took a nap from 10-11, so during that time I cleaned up from breakfast and cooking Ella's food. I showered and attempted to curl my hair into beach waves, as the hairdresser on Saturday had showed me. It came out pretty awful, but the hairdresser encouraged me to keep practicing, so practice I shall! I would share a pic but it was pretty bad.

This is how Ella was positioned after waking up from her nap. Playing with her stuffed animals. So sweet.

We headed out to run a few errands. I had to talk to the Los Alamitos Community Center about renting a space at the park for Ella's 1st birthday. When I arrived, there was NO parking. And I mean none. It was street sweeping day and the lot was full. I just had to turn around and will call them tomorrow to see if I can fax an application over. I have procrastinated on that quite a bit, so hopefully the space is still available. 

We swung by a kid's consignment shop on our way back through, and I found a cute Halloween costume for Ella for only 6$. It looks basically brand new. 

I also found an amazing little kitchen for Ella. But I forgot to take a pic of it. I was going to get her a big kitchen for her birthday but realized she is probably too young for that. She also gets bored of her toys so easily, so I don't like to spend much on them. 

We headed straight to Ralphs to pick up our groceries that I ordered via their website last night. I actually don't mind going grocery shopping now that Ella has settled down a bit with her behavior, but it's still not a place I like to spend my free time. Grocery pick up has been a game changer for us.

We came home at the perfect time, Michael had just gotten home and helped us with the groceries. I made Ella some chicken, green bean and pears for lunch. We also got this milk to start mixing with Ella's formula, so that by the time she is one, she is completely formula-free. I cannot WAIT for that day. Ella had some with her lunch and loved it, drinking her whole sippy cup full.

Once Ella was finished eating, changed and cleaned up, Michael and I decided to take ourselves out to a special lunch, pho! 

I absolutely love Pho and we haven't had it in MONTHS because it has been too hot. I love hot soup.

Even though Ella had JUST eaten, she wanted some too. She loves noodles! She wasn't a fan of the brisket. Ella unprompted, waved to the couple sitting next to us. She has never waved before, so this was so exciting for us. It was so cute because she wouldn't stop waving. The couple told us that they have a 12 year old daughter and have been eating at that restaurant with her ever since she was a baby. They were really sweet.

After pho we came home because we could tell Ella was getting tired. We let her play with her toys for a little while, we got her changed and put her down for a nap. She slept from 3-4. We picked up a little, but mostly relaxed and did nothing and it was great.

After she woke up from her nap, we headed to Huntington Beach to take her to We Play Loud. It's an indoor fun park and I love the toddler section for her. 

As you can see, she had so much fun! We were there for around an hour, and left at 5:30. It was getting late and past her normal dinner time, so we had to head home and feed our girl! 

Ella had tofu, mashed peas, yogurt and pasta for dinner. While she ate with Michael, I worked on making her lunch and dinner for tomorrow, as I will be at work from 8-5.

Chicken thigh in the slow cooker. 

After Ella's dinner, it was time for a bath! She's been a little weird about taking a bath lately, so I hop in with her. She is more comfortable if I am right there and it's a lot easier to wash her thoroughly without her trying to climb out into my arms when I am sitting outside of the tub.

Lotion, pajamas, books, toothbrushing, cuddles and into bed by 7:15 for our girl. She ate a late dinner so she didn't even want her normal bedtime bottle, which makes me feel like she is way too grown up! 


I made some salads for me and Michael's dinner. I was planning on topping them with chicken but it wasn't quite ready to come out of the slow cooker, so we added some bacon instead. I am taking part of the salad with me tomorrow and topping it with some of the chicken thigh for lunch. Michael sometimes fasts through lunch or will grab something nearby, so I didn't pack him any.

And my normal Tuesday night routine includes setting my coffee maker for tomorrow at 5 am, and charging my loupe light for work tomorrow. I also set out my scrubs and sweater. 

 I check the monitor and Ella is still tossing. She finally fell asleep by 8 pm.

We picked up the living room, took out trash, did dishes and wiped down the kitchen.  I enjoyed some watermelon for dessert, and watched a bit of TV and went to bed around 10.

And that was our fun Tuesday! I realized halfway through our day I am really bad at taking pictures of my day. I forgot pics of getting gas, grocery pick up, etc. I plan to do another one that shows what our live is like when we are both working.

 Thanks for reading, if you made it this far!


  1. I just found your blog but it sounds like you had a fun tuesday! I will need to check out your blog a bit more in order to find out more about your adorable little family!

  2. Thank you! We enjoy our days off big time. Thanks for reading and hope to see you around here more! :)

  3. What a great little day! That indoor play park looks like so much fun :)


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