Favorite Starter Foods

My goal is always to feed my daughter the freshest ingredients and mostly homemade foods. But when Ella first began solid foods, it was mostly oatmeal and purees. We probably did about 50% homemade and 50% store bought baby food. We loved Earth’s Best products a lot! As always, speak to your child's pediatrician before introducing ANY new foods into your little one's diets. This is not nutrition/diet advice, just sharing what products we loved!

* I will be sharing a post soon with all of my favorite home made recipes, stay tuned *

Earth's Best Organic Baby Cereal Bundle: Variety Pack of 4 Different Flavors, 8 oz

Whole Organic Cereal 4 Pack-Cereal was one of Ella’s first foods. We started her with the oatmeal, and she still loves it to this day. She enjoys a bowl of oatmeal in the morning with a bit of fruit and sometimes a little yogurt mixed in. Something she really loves is oatmeal + applesauce + cinnamon! This Whole Organic Cereal 4 Pack is great to have on hand for your little one!

Earth's Best Organic Vegetable Variety Pack-Ella loves her veggies! We loved this variety pack, because there was always something delicious and healthy to feed her last minute if I hadn’t made her anything else. The winter squash was definitely one of her favorites!

Earth's Best Organic Fruits Variety Pack-Just like the veggies, we liked having some fruit on hand too! Ella really loved the pears! They are also great for helping a baby go #2 if he/she is struggling.

Earth's Best Organic Stage 2 Baby Food, Fruit Variety Pack, 4 oz. Pouch (18 Count)
  Earth's Best Organic Pouches -Were great for on-the-go! We still buy these even though Ella is over the purees. She is starting to understand the concept of feeding herself!

Those were some of our favorite cereals and purees when we started! Earth's Best has been a great brand for us and we hope if you try it, that your family loves it too!

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