Favorite toys.

Some of Ella's favorite toys & great toys for babies her age! 
Most of these toys would be appropriate before 6 months, but this is just when I noticed Ella had a peak interest in them. Once Ella was confident sitting up and playing independently, her love for toys grew! *If you click on the link it will take you to a place where you can find the actual product or something similar. Most of these items can be found at any department store!*

First Doll- It's sweet to watch her hold her doll, and it makes noise when you shake it which Ella loves. I think she'll be more interested in this doll as she grows.

Ring Stacker- Great for building hand-eye coordination skills, as well as teaching Ella about stacking and relative sizes! She loves this toy.

Bath Toys- We use these toys outside of the bath. Ella loves squeezing them and likes to bang them together. I point to each animal telling her what animal it is and what noise it makes. 

Stuffed Camel- Ella loves stuffed animals, but especially loves her camel from Ikea. It's soft, big and she loves that the legs move. It's hilarious to watch her toss it around.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker- Despite the fact that Ella isn't walking yet, she LOVES this toy. She loves pressing all the buttons, clapping along to the music and is beginning to use it to try pulling herself up. It will be great for when she is learning to walk as well.

Squeeze Blocks - She loves her colorful blocks. Great for teaching colors, numbers and improves her hand-eye coordination.

Easy-Grab Ball- We have a few of these. Ella loves them because they are easy to hold. When we first got it for her, she wanted to take it everywhere with her, and wouldn't let go! 

Stack Up Cup Toys- If I had to guess, these are probably her favorite toys. She just loves taking the cups apart and banging them together. I try to encourage her to put the cups back together but she doesn't quite get it yet.

Some of these are such a great deal. The ring stacker, ball and stacking cups are all less than $5. What a great gift this would be for an expecting Mom. Nobody thinks "toys" when they think of a baby shower. But I think a basket full of great first toys would be an awesome gift! 

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