Newborn Must Haves

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We set up a baby registry with Amazon, and it was so easy to use and we were able to get everything we needed for Ella in one place. If you are expecting and would like to sign up for your own registry, please click the link to sign up at the bottom of the page. You get some great perks, discounts and a cute 'welcome' package!

As most know, every baby is different. But for us, these products were essential in the early days! You'll need a lot more than what's on this list, but these were my absolute NEED items.

DockATot- Ella loved taking her naps in her Dock-A-Tot. We transitioned out of the dock around 4 months and Ella had no problems with that. They are not meant for night sleep, so follow safe sleep practice with your little one. 

Halo Swaddle - This is my favorite swaddle because it's easy to use, doesn't come undone/get in the baby's face, and also allows for arms in or out. This was Ella's favorite for a while! 

Avent Pacifiers- These were Ella's favorite as a newborn. She had no nipple confusion or issues using a pacifier and breastfeeding. I recommend buying a few different types of pacifiers, just in case!

Baby Bottle Warmer- I see this on a lot of people's "do not buy lists" and I can't fathom why. Because we pre-mixed our formula and stored it in the fridge, we needed easy and fast ways to heat up Ella's bottles. This formula warmer works super fast and is simple to use and clean.

Formula Mixer- We didn't have one of these initially, as I was almost exclusively breastfeeding. Once we began using formula more, Michael's parents got us this formula mixer. It was so so helpful. Due to gas issues, we couldn't just mix the formula and water in the bottle to feed right away. Too many bubbles made Ella's gas much worse! Instead, we would prep almost a day worth of formula in the mixer and have the bottles all made for the entire day.

Comotomo Bottle- We used these and Dr. Brown's during Ella's first few months. Both helped with her gas and she never had issues taking them while I was still breastfeeding.

Carter's Sleep Gowns- These were the best pajamas for the first few months. They were comfy, adorable and made night change sooo much easier! I would put a gown on her with some long socks if it was cool. 

White Noise Machine- White noise machines are essential for babies. They are so used to loud noises from being inside the womb, that sleeping in silence can be difficult for them. I can't find the white noise machine we used, but I was recommended this one by many friends!

Cotton Organics Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Extra Soft and Hypoallergenic Organic Cotton - Pack of 2- Our favorite blankets then and now. They are soft, thin and have so many uses, beyond just being a blanket. These are made by Cotton Organics and are hypoallergenic and great for your own baby or for a baby shower gift. 

New Model - Babysense Video & Baby Movement Monitor - Bundle Pack - Babysense Video Baby Monitor V24 with Babysense 7 Under-The-Mattress Baby Movement Monitor - 2 in 1

This baby monitor was one of our best purchases. It wasn't super pricey and has always worked great.  It looks like they created a new model, but it looks just like the one we have and I am sure works just as well. It also includes sensors for the mattress! 

Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set, Baby Bath Time and Skin Care Essentials, 5 Items
This Mustela Newborn arrival kit is exactly what you need for newborn bath time. Mustela products are much pricier than many soap gift sets out there. The quality of these products is outstanding and the smell is glorious! Ella has never had any bad reactions to these products and after a bath, all I want to do is smell her! 

I am currently working on a more complete 'baby registry guide' but for now, these were my essentials. If I had to take everything else away, these were the things that got us through. That and our Costco brand diapers, wipes and formula. 

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