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Hi guys! I have a lot to say today, so bear with me here. This was the year that we were hoping to send Ella to daycare or preschool. We were really hoping to go on tours of facilities this Spring and then enroll her for the Fall. I think the structure and socialization would be good for her and I think the effort they put in to making activities and learning FUN would be amazing as well. 

Clearly, our plans have changed. With the Covid-19 numbers in our area still being very high and deaths being reported everyday, we are not comfortable sending her. We want Ella to be able to see her grandparents regularly, as she loves them (probably more than us honestly) and that would devastate her if she had to take a break from them to attend daycare. We have opted to wait and when the time is right we will explore various options like a traditional daycare, a Montessori school etc. 

In the meantime, I wanted to give Ella a bit of that 'school' feeling. I recently watched this video made by The Hapa Family vlog on youtube, where she goes over her homeschool materials for her daughter. I loved how she set everything up and how easy it would be for us to replicate at home. Using her guide and a lot of browsing Pinterest, we came up with our own little 'home school' plan for this Fall. (Low-key always wanted to be a teacher, so this is like my dream come true.)


Just as The Hapa Family vlog video showed, we chose various themes (we will call them units) for the rest of the weeks of the year, and we will spend 2-3 weeks on each 'unit.' We used her planner template sheets, so if you are interested, please check out her video for the links.

We went to the Monthly Unit Planner page and filled in each month with the units we wanted to have this year. Here is our breakdown for September-December.

After I selected our themes/units for the rest of the year, I headed to Pinterest to find various activities to fit our different subjects that would also incorporate our theme. Pinterest is amazing you guys... use it to your advantage! (For example, search ocean themed math activity for toddlers.) Because Ella is still very young, we modified some of the cool stuff we saw on Pinterest to be easier and more age-appropriate for her. 

The subjects we are following are the same as Ashley from The Hapa Family vlog.

-Practical life

Using the Unit Study Activities sheet provided by Ashley at The Hapa Family Vlog, I organized all of our planned activities and notated if we had the correct materials or if we needed to make/purchase them.

Once I had our subjects & activities selected, I transferred everything into my planner...

I decided it would be easiest for our family if we selected only 1 or 2 subjects to focus on each day. Especially given Ella's young age and lack of focus. Once I had organized the subjects among the days of the week, I filled in our selected activities. Now I know exactly what our focus is each day and I can stay on top of gathering and preparing the materials ahead of time.

Check out my Pinterest boards to see some of the pinning I did to gather activity ideas.

And PLEASE check out Hapa Family Vlog if you're looking for inspiration and to see the definition of MOM GOALS. She's amazing and totally inspires me every time I watch her.

-Ashley & Ella xoxo

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