Friday Favorites

Hi guys! I hope you all had a great week. This is my Friday Favorites post coming to you a day late, but better late than never! We have had busy weeks while Michael's Mom is still recovering from Covid and unable to help us with Ella; we miss her dearly and can't wait for her to feel better. We have some favorites to share with you from last weekend/this week. Enjoy :) 


These pics are actually from last weekend, but I wanted to share them because it was the first weekend we had gotten out of the house in what feels like months. I had been feeling a little down after recovering from Covid and knowing Michael's Mom was still struggling. I also haven't been working, so I have been feeling quite trapped at home. It was so nice to just do something. 


We went to the Marina in Long Beach to stop at the farmer's market. Ella loved seeing all the boats, running around and getting some much needed fresh air.

Ella really loves seeing all the boats and being near the water.

We grabbed donuts from the farmer's market and ate them by the water. After my donut I was really craving a coffee... We walked across the street to this indoor/outdoor shopping/eatery complex. It's been pretty dead since Covid, and when we saw how empty it was we felt comfortable stopping. 


Ella loves the water fountain, but was really upset that we wouldn't let her use the water to wash her hands, hahaha! 

I went inside the coffee shop to grab a decaf cappuccino, and after I came out Ella was asking for one too. "Ella new one, Ella new one." This is her way of asking for her own. 

I asked the barista what they could do and she said they could steam her some milk. You guys, Ella felt SOOOO important with her little steamed milk, hahaha. Let me tell you. This girl wants to be just like her Momma. 

Just watching her with her little 'coffee' was cracking me up.



We walked around a bit more, and let Ella explore the area a bit before heading home. This was a much needed mental health day for me, and I am glad we did it. We're going to find a new area outside to explore for tomorrow!


DIY fun on a rainy day is our favorite! Ella has been having fun with this all week long. It's a sensory farm box that I made for her. I used cardboard, an old milk carton and some other random craft materials we had at our house. We were inspired by this post we saw on Pinterest. 

She liked trying to aim to pour the kernels in the little hole and catch it underneath. As you can see, I had to make a little ramp out of more cardboard to direct the kernels! 

We were going to add more to the bottom to sort of 'fill it in' but Ella was having fun with the amount that she had.

I also made her a little cardboard barn using cardboard, hot glue and paint. We had been stuck inside due to rain so my creative side came out! She loves playing with her farm animals but didn't really have a 'home' for them. Now we can add the barn to our shelf for some open-ended playing.


This is not a staged photo what-so-ever, so please excuse the mess. But we finally got the buffet table I had ordered months ago delivered. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it for our space, because I hate that it has to go in front of the doorway... but now that we've lived with it for a bit, I sort of love it. I think it'll be a really fun area to decorate throughout the seasons and it helps make that wall feel less 'naked.' We just need to figure out what we're going to do for wall-art. For those wondering, we ordered from Bob's Discount.


I found that little Ikea chair on Facebook marketplace for a great deal and I was so excited to bring it home for Ella. I do think it's a little too large for that corner, so I think we're going to move it to another part of the family room with her shelf, and create a special "reading spot" for her. But for now, she's liking having her own special spot.

I had to sneak this pic. I thought it was so cute that she sat up there, reached over and grabbed a book to read. 

Our front-facing bookshelf is great, although I add paper towel roll holders inside so that even more of the covers of the books are showing for Ella to see.


Daddy hugs are the best!

Ella has been very obsessed with Michael lately, and that is a favorite of mine for many reasons... Hahaha. I know Moms understand :) 



Playing at the park is our favorite! Always and forever. We always take her at times when there are typically no other people there, and we of course have masks ready just in case. Ella has been so brave on the slide! 

And lately on our walk back home, this is how Ella wants to sit in the stroller... haha! Silly girl.


Ella's favorite thing lately is 'making coffee.' Every morning she asks for her own cup of coffee... Obviously we are not going to give her an actual coffee. We just froth her up some milk in our Nespresso frother and she is obsessed. She feels so special with her warm, fluffy milk. She sometimes drinks it from a coffee mug with a straw.

Here she is having a little frothed milk with her lunch. Too funny! 


My girl looking so big is a favorite, and also makes me a little sad... Seeing how big she is makes me realize how fast time goes. But she is at such a fun and sweet age. Her vocabulary has absolutely exploded and she is just ... hilarious. We love her so much! 


And she still loves making all the faces.

Overall, we had a good week but I look forward to when things are more of our 'normal.' As much as I enjoy being home with Ella, I also know how much she gains from being with her Nai Nai. We will be back on Monday to share a brief recap of our weekend! 

-Ashley & Ella


  1. I hope Michael's mom gets well soon. I loved all of these pictures and Ella with her coffee! The farm set up is so cute as well!

  2. Love the crafty farm set-up, so fun!

    1. Thank you, and so easy. It was a fun project for a rainy day. I hope you're feeling good Rechelle!


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