Hello Monday- Life Update

 Good morning guys, happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. I was off Tuesday-Sunday and it was amazing and much needed during this crazy time. I only wish I had more time off coming up next month when I'll really need it, but that's okay... Any time off with my little family is nice. Okay, here are some life updates!

Thanksgiving was great, very low key. We celebrated just Michael, Ella and I on Wednesday. I made a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but with chicken instead of turkey as that's what we prefer. On Thanksgiving day we went to Michael's parents and ate homemade egg rolls and noodles. Here are some pics from our Thanksgiving.

Ella all dressed up and ready for food!

It's so hard to cook with Ella right now, as she is sooo attached to me. Michael could totally handle the cooking, but I am kind of a control freak with my Thanksgiving meal. Between him and I we were able to get everything made. I do more of a semi-homemade meal but I think next year I am going to have Michael's Mom help me watch the kids while I make everything from scratch (which I've never done before.) This year I did make the carrots, potatoes, squash, turnip and green bean casserole myself. Next year I'll attempt homemade rolls, stuffing and maybe even try to do a real turkey! 

The rest of Wednesday we spent as a family. Crafts, playing and cuddling. Ella's Thanksgiving jams are my favorite. Overall, a great Thanksgiving for our family and our LAST one as a family of 3.

A little house update...

We have been so busy trying to pack up our apartment and dealing with house related stuff, but we still don't have a set date for when we are moving in. The renovations we have planned are going to take a bit longer than we were originally told. We also are not going to be able to get our 'perfectly' smooth ceilings as I had originally hoped, but it still looks great. The scraping of the ceilings was supposed to take just a few days and now it's going to take a few weeks. Something to do with how the ceilings were installed and the materials used, sigh. We have already told our landlord we are moving and given our 30 day notice. There is a chance the house won't be ready by the time we have to leave, so right now I am stuck with trying to decide if we should chance it, or just ask our landlord for a bit more time. To add to that stress, Michael starts working at the dental practice he purchased the exact same week we're moving as well. No big deal. Ha! 

Here's a quick picture update of our ceiling. This is after scraping and only one coat of plaster. He still plans to do more coats and smooth it all out as much as possible, then he'll finish up and paint it. Not as smooth as I had dreamed but SO much better than the ugly textured ceiling that was there before. I am so happy. The walls in this room are getting painted a very light pink. It will be Ella's bedroom for now.

In addition to smoother ceilings and painting the bedrooms, we're getting recessed lights installed throughout the home. It just makes sense to add additional lighting throughout while we're already doing other projects. We also plan to do a new fireplace.

This is the current fireplace...

It's very unique but honestly kind of reminds me of a brick oven for pizza, and I don't love it. The tile is also cracked all across the top, so that needs replacing. Instead of replacing it and keeping the awkward shape, I decided I wanted to update it to something more traditional.

This is what I'm picturing instead. We'll see what we end up with... Haha!

And a quick baby update!

I had a check up for the baby last week and everything is still looking good. We're about 15 1/2 weeks now. We have our anatomy scan next month and that marks the halfway point in our pregnancy, which is just crazy. Time is flying and as you can see, she makes an appearance every now and then... or I'm bloated. Hahaha. Sometimes I have a little bump and other days my stomach still looks flat to me. I'm sure she'll pop out and be here to stay soon. 

And a sad little update... 


Ella got here first 'boo boo' and it made me so sad. She was running and fell and landed on her face. Her tooth cut her lip open. She cried for a little bit but was pretty tough and strong about it.

Overall, things are good but a little stressful and busy these days. I am praying we are completely moved in and unpacked so that I am able to do a little holiday decorating, but it's going to be cutting it close with time. I'm not sure how much blogging I will be able to make time for over the next few weeks, with the moving and the starting of the practice. I know it's going to be busy over here. My next update might come after we've moved in and I can't wait to share pictures with you guys.

Have a great December and we'll see you guys very soon.

-Ashley & Ella


  1. Congrats! Such an exciting time! I totally recommend moving in as soon as possible. Do you have plans to work at your husbands practice once it opens??

    1. Yes we'd like to move in asap! But we definitely don't want to be in the way when they are renovating either. We'll move in when it's the right time! And no plans to. His practice has a hygienist already and I am happy at my two offices :)

  2. Love your little baby bump. Glad you are feeling better. Yes that fireplace is very unique. i like your plan to change it

  3. Ah so many exciting things going on! How fun!!

    1. I know! So much excitement I can hardly handle it all, haha.

  4. Eeks, SO many fun things happening! I cannot wait to see your family in your new home. All will work out & you'll move in on perfect timing, XO

  5. What an adorable baby bump! I hope everything works out well with the house being ready on time.


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