About Last Week...

We've been struggling around here you guys!

I feel like the last month has just been absolute nonsense for us... Such a bad start to 2020 and I can only hope it will get better from here. As you may recall, I was feeling a little under the weather a couple of weeks ago, and while I felt better, I never began to feel 100%. Then this past week on Tuesday, Ella woke up throwing up and spent the entire day throwing up all over me. I took Wednesday off from work to care for her and watching my baby get sick was by far one of the hardest things... My poor girl. You guys, I was such an emotional wreck.

Thursday I went to work and at the end of the day I started to feel awful... nauseous, shaky, weak etc. I had to call out of work Friday and spent the entire day miserable. Michael has been suffering his own set of symptoms, sore throat, fever, etc. The two of us did our best to care for Ella while both feeling like garbage, but we weren't able to rest very much. Taking care of a toddler when you feel sick yourself is not easy. Michael got worse and by Friday evening he decided to see a doctor... (Miraculous!) He was diagnosed with Strep throat. You guys, I can't make this up! What is even happening over here? We are falling apart! Sigh.

I felt much better Saturday morning but then pushed myself a little too hard... I took Ella out for a walk (as she was REALLY sick of being cooped up all week) and I started to feel lousy again. Michael's Mom came to get Ella that night, and she spent the night over there so we could rest again, and try and heal once and for all. As I type this, I am still feeling "off" but much much better.

I pray after dousing this place in Lysol we can stop catching each other's sickness and stay healthy once and for all. Looking for any and all immune support methods you and your family use. 

[Miss Ella played Dr and tried to help us get better!]

So thankful none of us have any serious health conditions and realize how fortunate we are to be overall very healthy people. I just look forward to kicking the flu/strep/stomach virus out of our home for at least the next year or so... :P 

Thanks for listening to my rant. Praying for a healthier March!!! 

-Ashley & Ella 


  1. Aw, so sorry you've been hit hard with the sicknesses! Taking care of a sick baby when you're sick too is no good. Hoping you all get better asap and it stays away!

    We started taking vitamins B, C, & D along with an immunity support blend and elderberry syrup. I felt like this was us the month of November and by the end of the month I was over it so I went to vitamins/minerals for help and (knock on wood) we haven't been hit with anything bad since!

    1. Thank you so much! I am going to try ALL of those things. Hand sanitizer wipes have been our friend!


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