Getting Crafty- Contact Paper

Now that Ella is maturing and better at understanding instructions, I wanted to start doing some more craft projects with her. Back when I was a nanny, I loved doing crafts with the little girl and always found the best ideas on Pinterest and on Mom blogs. I want to share this fun activity with you that is taking the internet by storm. (Okay a little dramatic- but it is a popular one!)

We went to my favorite store...

Image result for the dollar tree

And got our supplies! 

-Contact paper
-Pipe cleaners
-Pom poms
-Tissue paper
-Foam hearts

We used regular tape to tape the contact paper to the wall (not recommended--- painters tape works best so you don't peel the paint-but our paint is already peeling, so what the heck!) Do as I say, not as I do, hahaha! You want to make sure the sticky side is facing TOWARD you, and the non sticky side is facing the wall. 

I filled an ice cube tray full of the different options- hearts, stickers etc. and demonstrated to Ella by sticking some things to the wall. Ella was fascinated and then spent close to an hour doing the same... stickers, foam hearts, pom poms. Everything was going on the wall! She even found Michael's book, removed his book mark and stuck that to the wall too, hahaha!

This was a great activity to help Ella with both sensory and fine motor skills. I wish we had done more "sticky walls" with her when she was younger! She had so much fun with this and there are so many fun variations. Anddd we were able to make it fun and seasonal with all the red and hearts for Valentine's Day.

We hope to do another sticky wall activity really soon, and we hope you and your little ones have fun doing this activity too! 

-Ashley & Ella xoxo


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