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Hi everyone, and happy Monday! Adrienne, Lauren, Dara, Sarita and I are back together to share a little more about us... Today's topic... our cleaning routines! If you have a great cleaning routine or organizing tips that you want to share, please grab our graphic and link up @ the bottom of today's post. If you aren't prepared to share today, that's okay! We link up once a month on the second Monday and have plenty of fun topics for the rest of the year. I share the rest of this year's topics at the bottom of today's post if you're interested. I am personally sooo excited about today because I absolutely LOVE hearing about how other people keep their homes so tidy. I am always looking for cleaning/organizing tips and tricks!

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I decided to break down our cleaning "chores." There are some things we do every single day, and other things we only do once a week or less. Michael and I sort of divide and conquer the housework, which is so nice. I do a lot more of the deep cleaning, because I like to do it and because I'm better at it... Don't tell him I said that! He does a lot of the day to day chores, like doing dishes and taking out the trash. We make a good team. Because our apartment is so small, cleaning it is pretty manageable. 

Here's a breakdown of most of our daily chores:

Every morning we make the bed, and I put away any dry dishes from the night before. Michael is pretty good about doing the morning dishes before going to work. He has a good routine and system to get them to dry faster, so he takes the lead. (I am 100% ok with this!) No dishwasher is a real struggle over here... so Michael is the dishwasher. LOL. I am usually the one doing the wiping and disinfecting of the counters etc. In the evening I usually do the cooking, so Michael does the clean up after. I do try to do some dishes and clean up as I cook.

After Ella goes to bed I will usually sweep and swiffer the floor, while he takes out the trash and recycling. We keep a very small trash can in our kitchen so we are forced to take it out daily. I try to clean the bathroom quickly every day, but when is totally random. Sometimes when I am brushing my teeth I might use a Clorox wipe to clean around the sink and counter. At night is when I will do a quick sweep or swiffer of the floor. 

And here's a breakdown of our weekly chores...

I try to set aside a few hours of my weekend to do a more thorough clean up of our apartment. Michael assists by keeping Ella occupied. I would love to say we're good about getting this done every weekend, but we aren't. Some of our weekly chores get 1/2 done.. but that's ok. I already know when we have a house I am 100% hiring someone to deep clean my house at least 1x per month. I hate cleaning the windows, baseboards, ceiling fans, on top of furniture etc. I would much rather spend my time with my family than worry about reallllly deep cleaning. 

Now, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite cleaning products! 

Clorox clinging bleach gel! We use this to clean our toilet, but also our shower tiles/grout when the shower needs a deep cleaning. Normally, I use my homemade shower spray.

Clorox disinfecting wipes. I use this for door knobs, drawer handles and other things that are touched frequently.

Mrs Meyer's multi-surface spray is good for everything! Counters, tables, etc.

Babyganics highchair and toy spray is great for everything Ella.

The Swiffer sweeper and duster are two of my faves.

Our Shark bullet vacuum is great! The best vacuum I have ever owned... and 20$ off right now!

Microfiber cloths are my favorite to clean with, but an old t shirt ripped up works good too.

I love the Ikea brushes for scrubbing dishes. They last forever and only cost 2$.

Vinegar is good for so many things, so we buy it in bulk at Costco. I use it to clean my coffee maker and use it to make my own homemade shower spray

Read that post here.

And that's all for our daily and weekly cleaning routines. About once a month or so, I like to go through the cupboards and reorganize them. Same with our closets, drawers, shelves etc. There's no real routine to it, just when I find a free day and have the energy!

I can't WAIT to look at your posts! Have a great Monday, be safe and stay healthy! 
We will be back later this week to share a couple of our favorite quarantine recipes :P

Here are the rest of this year's topics if you are interested in looking ahead :)

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  1. This is great! I must say you do things daily that I don't do as often and I should. I'm so glad we have a swifer though, it's so useful!

    1. The swiffer is a life saver!!! It doesn't do a good deep clean, but it's great for day to day! :)

  2. Love your graphics!! I also make a homemade vinegar spray and I love using it to wipe down the counters/table/etc. at night. I put a bunch of lavender essential oil in it and it smells sooooo good!

    1. Thank you! :) I haven't tried adding lavender but I should!

  3. We use a lot of vinegar for cleaning too.

  4. Agreed on hiring someone out! Now that we've got a toddler, family time is top & precious :)

  5. I love all the Mrs Meyers products! I always order the sets from, that way it's hard to run out! I, even, sold a coworker on the hand soap yesterday.

    1. I love them too. I am honestly kind of a cleaning product hoarder... I have too many and need to stick to the ones I really like

  6. We don't have a dishwasher either. I am washing dishes numerous times a day. In our next house it is a must to have a dishwasher or at least space to put one.


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