Fall Touches at Home

Hi friends! I am so excited that Fall is right around the corner. It's my favorite season and brings the most perfect weather. We definitely don't see the change of the season in California nearly as much as in Maine, but I will take what I can get. It has finally started cooling down here, so it was the perfect time to decorate. We didn't have enough decorations or time to do a full Fall home tour... but we did add a few pops of Fall in certain areas of our home. Come take a look! 

I decorated our mantle and I just love how it came out! Now that we have two young kiddos we have to make sure our decorations are out of their reach. Otherwise I would most definitely have some floor decorations too.

Our dining area just got a bowl of pinecones and a couple of glass pumpkins. I normally like to have a big bouquet of flowers at the table, which looks a lot nicer. We have some flowers now, but not when I took photos of course. Also, a question for you all... are rugs a yay or a nay under a dining table? It seems silly with Ella who spills on the floor once in a while constantly. But I think in the future an area rug would define this space and make it look less 'naked', right?

Our coffee bar/buffet table got some fun decorations too. This will be a lot of fun to decorate for all the various holidays.

I found this picture on my phone which kind of gives you an idea of the whole space. 

Just a few touches of orange in the kitchen... and a few fall craft activities on the fridge too! 

Our play room sofa got a fun pumpkin pillow! And of course I have to show off the girls in their matching Fall dresses... they are both just so adorable! 

My nightside table. Just a simple fabric pumpkin makes it so much more fun.

Ella's bathroom even got a little decoration too... The shower curtain is my favorite! 

Thanks for taking the tour with us!

-Ashley xoxo


  1. love all the cute decorations. the shower curtain is fun.

  2. You're backkkkkk!!!!!! I haven't checked your blog in forever because you were taking a break. Now I need to go back and read through everything. 😊 Where are those precious pumpkin dresses from?

  3. Oh my heart, love those matching dresses!! I just put some Halloween festive fun up around our home too, Ro loves it!


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