Weekend Recap

 Hi guys, long time no see! Oh my goodness. We have been dealing with a lot around here... a lot of ... vomit. Both of my poor girls got a stomach virus and it was the worst 2 weeks EVER. It started on Thanksgiving and things have finally settled down. Ella threw up for five days straight. FIVE. I was so so worried about her. I even took her to urgent care and her primary care, but they reassured me that she would be okay and she wasn't dehydrated so there was nothing much to worry about. Because nobody else in the house had gotten sick (at that point in time) they suspected maybe severe food poisoning as opposed to a virus which usually spreads like wildfire. Ella was symptom free for 3 days or so before Mia started throwing up. My poor sweet Mia also got sick for almost 5 days. It was rough, but we survived and the girls are both doing so much better. I was itching to take the girls out to do festive holiday things, but we made sure Mia was symptom free for at least 3 days before really taking her out to do anything. 

This weekend we had one of Ella's classmates birthday parties to attend, as well as a winter festival. Here are some pictures from our fun weekend and what we've been up to lately.

I'll start by showing you these adorable cards that Ella made for her teacher's at school. She went a little crazy with the glue but overall did a great job (with lot so of guidance.) We paired these with a Starbucks gift card because if there's one thing we know about teachers is that they need caffeine to function! 

Mia is a Starbucks fan already... Haha!

On Friday we had a playdate with our friend Ruby.

So cute!


Ella and I did some last minute Christmas shopping. We grabbed Mia some new outfits!

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for Ella's little friend.


Everyone enjoyed the delicious cake, Mia included.

My cuties! Ella says she had fun but I could definitely tell she was feeling a little apprehensive and shy. She talks about all her classmates all the time, but whenever we meet up with them she's like a turtle hiding in his shell. I hope the more we meet with them the more comfortable she gets. But I'll never push her to do anything she's uncomfortable with either.

Later that day we attended the winter festival at a nearby park and it was amazing! They had so many lights, games, food trucks, stands, bouncers, and even SNOW.

Ella refused to wear boots even though I told her she should wear boots and she'd be more comfortable. She later understood why I wanted her to wear boots... :)

We grabbed some food from a food truck and had a little picnic on the grass. Lemongrass fried chicken and shrimp-garlic noodles. YUM!

And it's not a trip to the winter festival without a picture with this guy...

Mia was in LOVE and Ella was terrified, as usual. HAHA! 

2 years ago they had a photographer who was able to take our whole family's photo but this year we had to do it ourselves. I didn't get in the pic but I think it came out so cute. I absolutely love festive activities like the winter festival, and I was so glad our girls were healthy and able to go.

The rest of the weekend looked like this...


Ella has gone back and forth on whether she wanted her crib rails still up around her bed. I finally convinced her to take them down and I love how it came out. 

Isn't her room so sweet? I would have loved a room like this when I was her age. I do think she's ready for a twin size bed on a real frame, but we're going to hold off a bit longer. I have already decided which bedding she's going to get when she does get a bed upgrade...

I saw this at Target and almost had to buy it!!! I pray whenever we do upgrade her bed size that this comforter set is still available. She LOVES ladybugs, so this would be so perfect for her.


The rest of our weekend was just a lot of cleaning, reorganizing and playing. I have so much stuff to go through still- like our arts and craft supplies for example, but I still was able to purge a lot of stuff before Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed the brief recap of our weekend. I do have plans to do a Christmas home tour post this Friday... it got delayed because of the stomach virus. Between caring for my babies and also trying to go to work, it was a very stressful time. I am going to work on taking pics a little bit at a time and hopefully can get something together for you guys. Have a great rest of your week and hope to see you back Friday! 


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  1. So much fun. Glad the girls are feeling better. I would have been a worried mom too.


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