Mia @ 2 Months

Mia Rose is 2 months old and perfect as can be! 


Mia recently had her 2 month check up and vaccinations. She did great! As you can see, she was all smiles... even AFTER the shots. She weighs 12 pounds 2 ounces- she has grown so much. I forgot how long they said she was, but I know she has grown 2 inches since her check up at 2 weeks, and the doctor thought that was mighty impressive. I went from nursing to pumping and now she is only formula fed. I wanted to breastfeed longer, but it really is just so much work and was really affecting me emotionally. I made the decision I thought was best. Mia is doing great on formula.

We had a really hard first 4-5 weeks with Mia, but she has gotten a lot easier these days. I am so thankful for how easy she is, because Ella has been keeping our hands FULL. Mia is such a happy little girl.

She loves stroller rides! Her favorite is when I take her and Ella in the double stroller so they can face each other :)

Mia also loves taking a warm bath. I rarely bathed Ella because her skin was really sensitive and she absolutely hated it. Mia LOVES the bath and we bath her every single night. It's a part of her nightly routine and I swear she knows when she gets a warm bath that her bedtime is near... and it totally winds her down.

Mia OBVIOUSLY adores her big sister... and Ella adores her. It's so incredibly sweet, I can't even handle it. 

What else is Mia up to?

Mia was a terrible sleeper at first... then she became an amazing sleeper- only waking up once to eat. Now she is back to eating 2x at night, but I am hoping she's just going through a growth spurt! She loves to lick her hands, and once in a while will suck her thumb. Staring up at her dangling toys on her play gym is her favorite! She does well during tummy time too. She can lift herself slightly and her head control is getting better... but she is still very wobbly. Mia makes lots of noises- grunts, coos etc. She can hold onto objects but doesn't attempt to reach for them yet. Overall, she is sweet, happy and pretty darn close to perfect! 

I will try to be better about sharing pictures and updates more regularly. Thanks for reading! :) 

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