Home Tour- Updated Play Room!


Today we are sharing our updated play room tour. I know I haven't shared many pictures of our new home, but I promise I am working on it!

One thing I battled with was where to put our 'play room' once Mia arrived. Our old play room, which you can see here, was in the bedroom that now serves as Mia's nursery. I really wanted the girls to have a big open space where they could play and have play dates, and without it feeling like toys are ALL over the house. I wanted a large space so things could be contained to that one space. We are fortunate that we have a living room and a family room, so we decided to convert our 'formal' living room into the girls' play space. It's very non-traditional, but it works for us and Ella loves it!  If you follow us on Instagram, you've seen plenty of pics taken in this room. If not, you should go follow us now! :) 

Here is the fun space-

Her play kitchen and babies are two of her favorite things to play with. Ella is so imaginative, and is always cooking something up for her babies. 

Kitchen- IKEA
Highchair- Amazon

We ordered a little nugget sofa for the play room and it took almost 4 months to arrive!!! Crazy, right? I think it's comfortable and looks cute, but I do think overall it's probably overpriced for what you are getting. 

Sofa- Nugget
Rug- Amazon 

We finally got our fireplace refinished and while it's not perfect, we really like it. It took a longggg time as our first handyman ditched us mid-project and never returned our calls. We never even got a chance to pay him for what he had started, because he wanted to get paid at the end... I guess maybe that was a good thing for us.

Bookcase- IKEA 

This is Ella's art area. She has her easel, and cart with various art supplies. Painting is definitely her favorite right now. Gluing is a close second! 

Easel- IKEA
Cart- IKEA

We just need some artwork for the walls! I am so bad about hanging things up, so it will probably be another year before I actually do anything.

It's so nice having the space to give the girl's a play room like this. It would have been my dream growing up to have such a fun room. Side note- we took this picture before miss Mia arrived and now that play gym is getting a lot more use! I need a picture of the girls in here 'playing' together.

Pikler triangle- Montessori Climber 
Play gym- IKEA

Ella says thanks for checking out our play room! We will be sure to take more pictures of other rooms soon! 



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  1. your play room is so organized I love it. it is minimial but still so much to do.


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