Update on the Girls!

Good morning guys! It's been so long since I have done a real blog post, I almost forgot how! :P It's been so tough balancing our two very busy girls, working outside of the home, and maintaining somewhat of an organized household. I have definitely had to put the blog on the back burner. Every time I think we're hitting a routine and I find time in my day to blog it seems to go awry. We had a really rough few months of sickness from September-January. Everyone is finally well and I am hoping I can stick to a blog post at least once a week. When I found a free moment this morning I figured I should do a little update on the girls.


Mia is now almost 10 months old! It's crazy how quickly time goes. Everyone said it would go by fast and they weren't kidding. She has grown so much. Right now she is consistently saying mama and dada, but I have also heard her say "nay nay" for her Grandmother, and "bah" for ball. She can stand up and cruise furniture pretty effortlessly now, so walking is right around the corner. Mia loves food and eats everything in sight. Some of her favorites are pasta, salmon, peas and potatoes. We did a mix of purees and BLW and she definitely gravitated to 'real' food more. She has 2 little teeth that are helping her with that, and I am sure more on the way soon. When she wants more she uses hand signals for more, and we're working on 'all done.' Mia still isn't sleeping through the night, but we're definitely working on it. She has gotten better recently (3/4 nights) and has cut down to 1 wake up around 4:30-5 am, which works out for me because when I get done feeding her I just stay up for the morning. (Hence why I am up this early, writing this post.)

Mia loves going for walks, swinging at the park, playing with her big sister, putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, cruising around using her walker and is just such a sweet, happy baby. We are so beyond lucky to have her, and she definitely completes our family. 

Here are some cute recent pictures of our sweet girl.


We love her to pieces, I can't believe in just 2 more months she will be one. We are still trying to decide if we should throw a party or not, but if we do, we'll be sure to share here.

And onto my Ella girl. Ella is now almost 3 and a half and no longer looks a baby, but such a little kid. It's bittersweet. She is definitely in a 'three-anger' phase, but is also so brilliant, kind and just a sweet human being. She has been loving her Montessori school and has made lots of friends. She goes 3 days per week and has really thrived there. She used to be so afraid of other children and now she LOVES them. We recently signed her up for gymnastics and she has been going for about a month and has been loving it so far.

My big girl! She goes once a week, which is plenty right now, but she looks forward to her class every week. 

We upgraded Ella's bed to something a bit more fun. We figure when Mia is finally sleeping through the night and is ready, the girls can share this space and Mia can have a floor bed on the bottom bunk. I think they are going to love sharing a room and Ella has already expressed her excitement for this. Despite her amazingly fun and cozy bed, Ella has had a really hard time sleeping independently. She has developed a lot of fears and her imagination is wild. Last night was one of the few nights over the last month that she actually slept in her own bed all night long. We're working on it, but I don't want her to ever feel scared and alone, so she knows she can come to our room at night if she needs us. 

Ella's favorite things to do right now include playing outside, riding her scooter, bikes, etc. She loves arts and crafts, sensory play, play dough and playing 'games.' Her latest favorite is hungry-hungry hippos which we got on FB marketplace for her. Best 2$ I have ever spent. Just like her little sis, Ella still loves going to the park and swinging. Both the girls just light up on the swings and it's so cute.


(doing her make up with me)

Overall, everyone around here is doing quite well and we are thankful for it.

Our sweet girls are two peas in a pod, and I hope they are best friends forever. 

Thanks for catching up with us. I am working on another post to share some of our latest adventures, which aren't as frequent as they used to be, but we're still managing some fun. Be sure to check back soon!

-Ashley & family

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