Weekend Recap & Costco Haul

 Good morning! Here's a little recap of our weekend. 

On Saturday, Ella and I were going to a baptism celebration for one of my friend's daughters. Michael had to attend a separate event for his friend's birthday, so his Mom came to watch Mia for us. I would have loved to take both of the girls with me, but Mia is 100% a handful and is ALL over the place. She doesn't sit still and I knew I couldn't handle both of them solo.

We made a family trip to Walmart that morning to look for a gift for the girls party. Later in the morning Ella and I went to Target to look for an outfit for me. I had no luck! The style is definitely changing and my taste has not changed so I just wasn't into anything they had there. We had to go to Marshalls after, where I bought a dress. I got home, and decided I no longer liked the way it fit and ended up wearing a dress I already had in my closet... Total waste of time, ha.

And this is the only picture I got of my outfit.

While Ella and I were trying to decide what to wear, and she decided on the ensemble. So cute


We only stayed at the party for a short time before Ella asked to go home. She gets very overwhelmed in new environments and 7 pm is when she usually winds down for bed, so I think it was weird for her to be out that late. Once we got home she was back to herself, and she actually ended up having a sleepover with Michael's parents. Mia was already asleep so I got to have a little Saturday night to myself, which was SO nice. I went to bed before 10 and it was blissful.



Sunday morning I made these banana oatmeal breakfast cookies that I saw online. They came out really dry and Mia was NOT a fan. Next time I will have to find a way to make them a bit more moist...

Ella was playing Mommy all morning and my heart can hardly handle it.

We also did a ton of painting- Ella's favorite!

Sunday is our day to catch up on cleaning the house, laundry and hitting the grocery store. This past Sunday we went to Costco in the late afternoon. I love the extra big carts because both of the girls can sit together in the front.

Here's what we got this week! 


We grabbed some apples, and some berries.


We love these mini cucumbers for snacking. We also grabbed turkey jerky and mozzarella for other snacks this week.


We love their easy dinner kits. We grabbed tacos that we made for dinner that night, and we also got the tikka masala and naan for an easy dinner this week. 


I took these pics quickly, so I apologize about the terrible quality... Frozen fruit for smoothies and some pomegranate juice to add to the smoothies. Those frozen dumplings are for Ella, she loves them!

And last but not least, a little treat for the week- these oatmeal dark chocolate cookies. They are dense and SO good. All you need is 1 and you satisfy that sweet craving. 

Overall, it was a successful Costco trip and a great weekend. We spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out at home, playing with the girls. I hope to be back on Monday with another recap of this upcoming weekend. We have a few plans but both girls have a runny nose, so we may stay home to be safe. 

-Ashley & Family


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  1. I am not a fan of Target fashion currently either. You found a lot of good things at Costco.


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