We Tried to Save a Life...

Hi everyone. We've been a little MIA around here. And this is the reason why...

Last Sunday night we found a starving stray cat outside of our apartment. She ran right up to us, began meowing and rubbing all over us. She was so so so sweet but clearly struggling pretty hard and we knew we had to do SOMETHING. Our apartment does not allow us to have pets, but we figured having her just temporarily should be okay. Our upstairs neighbors kept her the first night, as we really didn't want a random stray around Ella. After they confirmed the cat was sweet and actually very clean, we agreed to try and keep her here until we could get her to a vet and find someone to adopt her. Our neighbors found someone willing to foster her until we were in a place to adopt her- so incredibly sweet.

I had to work on Monday until 7 and I was unable to get her into a vet before then, due to COVID many places have reduced hours. I was a ball of stress all day at work worrying about her. It was obvious on Monday night that her health was declining- not eating, not drinking, throwing up and unable to make a stool. I called everywhere possible Monday night and finally got an appointment at a vet for Tuesday morning.

She was so sweet and calm at the vet and he couldn't believe how sweet she was. They gave her some medicine to help with nausea, gave her fluids, did a flea treatment, ran a bunch of tests and determined she had pretty serious liver problems. We were prescribed medicine and special food for her and to bring her back if her condition worsened, otherwise just follow up in one week.

We went to Petco and got her some supplies. We made her a little room in our hall area so she was contained and safe. 

She really wanted to spend time with us on the sofa, so we let her curl up with us and gave her as much love as possible.

We fell in love with her. She was such a sweetheart.

Despite the special food, medicine and all the love, the poor kitty was declining FAST. We knew something else was wrong. We called the vet on Wednesday and they made her an appointment for Thursday morning. I had to work so Michael had to take her in to the vet.

They took some x-rays and found out she had a major hernia. So major her intestines were actually located in her chest cavity, instead of where they should have been located. Causes could be due to trauma- like getting kicked really hard, or congenital. They said it was pretty serious and she would need major surgery but with only a 50% chance of surviving surgery.  Another vet that saw her and her xrays said her case was way too severe and they wouldn't be able to do surgery successfully, especially in her current condition. It was heartbreaking news. They ended up putting her to rest so she will no longer suffer. We were all so so so emotional over this, even Michael (who is not who I would describe as an emotional guy at all.) 

She stole our hearts so quickly, and broke them just as fast.

Rest in peace sweet kitty, we did everything we could to save you. We hope you're happy and healthy in little kitty heaven. We love you! 


  1. Awe! You guys have such big hearts & did the best that you could. I'm so glad she knew love before passing. Sending big hugs your way! XO

  2. Awe! You guys have such big hearts & did the best that you could. I'm so glad she knew love before passing. Sending big hugs your way! XO

  3. She is so cute. I'm sorry it didn't work out well but so great that you did what you could.

  4. You guys are just the sweetest people with such big hearts. Im sorry things didn't work out.


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