Day in the Life

Hi friends! 

Recently I did another day in the life post via Instagram. I figured this time I would transfer those pics over into a post, for those that aren't following my Instagram. It was my day off and a productive day with miss Ella. 

I naturally wake up between 5-5:30 on most days. I like to wake up early so I can have some time in the morning to myself. Although if I wake up and I feel really tired still, I will let myself sleep in a bit later. I usually just make coffee, put away dishes and then spend time reading blogs, on pinterest or reading the news etc.

I always do this. I use my homemade shower spray and it's not a strong chemical so I just spray and scrub while I am in there.

I ate a few bites of egg and toast as well, although I don't always have breakfast. I just don't feel that hungry in the mornings.

Ella's room is always a mess from the night routine, so we clean it up together every morning. Ella usually brushes her teeth while I do this. I also got her changed and dressed.

Dishes are never-ending around here. But with a tiny sink, we have to keep on top of it.

Once Ella is fed, changed and dressed, we spend our morning playing. She loves her slide/rocker so much. She is slowly outgrowing it though, which is so sad.

Ella played with her new felt world map and I was teaching her where each of the animals lives. She didn't like my lesson and wanted to place the animals wherever she wanted, hahaha! (We got the map and some felt animals from Michaels for less than 5$ with a coupon- such a steal!)

Some bead transferring with our cookie scoop! Great hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills required with this activity. She likes just pointing to each of the beads and says "bead" over and over again. 

After play-time, we headed to Target to look for a fan for our bedroom and some straw cleaners. BOTH of those things were out of stock. I was so bummed and really didn't want to go to another store. Ella enjoyed a snack in the car while we drove to the park- a chickpea & fruit puree and some yogurt melts.

After our failed Target trip, we went to the park to play with bubbles and play. We've been getting so lucky as the only ones there anddd the workers had JUST finished sanitizing everything an hour prior.

Loving the swings!

We stayed at the park for close to an hour and then headed home. Ella entertained herself while I  threw in some laundry and made us both lunch.

Ella ate so much pasta, I was so happy. She didn't even try picking out the mushrooms and lentils like she usually does. She ate almost all of her broccoli but only tried a little bit of meatball. There's a strong chance Ella will grow up to be a vegetarian... she just doesn't like meat. I will continue to serve and offer it, but will never force her to eat it. That's why we serve things like chickpea pasta and lentils with meals to make up for the protein she misses by not eating meats.

Ella asked to use the potty, but nothing came out. I think she tends to ask when she has already gone pee/poop instead of before. She's still young so I am not worried, we'll keep working on it.

I find Ella naps much better when we go for a walk first. She walked an entire block by herself, but I could tell was very tired.

Ella always takes a long time to fall asleep and I used to put her down much later thinking that maybe I was putting her in the crib too early and that was why she was taking so long to fall asleep. But apparently it just takes her forever to fall asleep, so we stopped waiting until 1 to put her down because that could mean she doesn't sleep until 1:30 and that starts pushing her nap out too late. I put her down by 12:30 this day and she was asleep before 1 which is exactly what I was hoping for.

I folded laundry while she worked on falling asleep.

I did dishes, cleaned the counters and the stove. I swept and spot washed the kitchen floor as well.

A quick clean up of Ella's play area. We bought this dust-buster for quick clean ups and I love that it's cordless. 

Once all my chores were done, I sat down with my iced coffee and relaxed a bit. I spend lots of time on Pinterest looking at future activity ideas. I also worked on my Fall 'lesson plans' for Ella. Starting in September, we are going to start doing themed weeks to focus her learning and play on certain subjects. It's just another fun project for me to work on and it will feel a bit more structured like school, but with Montessori concepts in mind ( the actual days themselves will be very child-led.)

I did some quick grocery shopping, fully expecting them to tell me my order wouldn't be ready until the next day, but lucky me the order said it would be ready between 6-7 pm.

Miss Ella slept until 3 pm! She has been pretty consistent with this as we set her Hatch monitor to go off at 7 am and 3 pm. We use the rainbow colors and bird chirping noises to indicate it's time to get up.

A nice long bike ride to the local grassy park. We played and climbed trees.

We came home, but continued to play outside with bubbles, chalk etc.

The afternoon got a little crazy. I was in the middle of cooking dinner when Ralphs texted me asking me if I would pick up my groceries because their closing employee called out and they wouldn't have anyone there to help me at 6 pm. Ella and I had to stop making dinner and race over to the store. While we were there and waiting I called my Dad, as it had been a while since we had talked.

We finished dinner just as Michael was walking through the door.

I made curry rice in the rice cooker, sauteed zucchini, squash, broccoli and mushrooms, and lemon-pepper cod. It tasted as healthy as it sounds... :)

After dinner I always get down on the floor with Ella and play with her. She wanted to play with her felt map again.

7 o'clock means bath time! Ella absolutely HATES washing her hair and is terrified of having water poured over her head. I have tested her soap and put it directly into my own eyes and there is zero burn, so I don't think that's the problem. I don't think it's water in her ears either... I think she just hates that feeling. I let her dump water over my own head and then try to do the same for her. She freaks. We ended up having Michael hold her hands back so I could pour over her head and wipe her eyes after. She just totally loses her mind. We've bought all the cups and hats designed to pour over her head that prevents water from getting in her eyes and she doesn't stay still well enough for them to work. Advice would be great.

We did lotion, jammies, read books, sang songs and cuddled lots. Ella has been having a hard time at bedtime lately and wants me to stay with her. Luckily she didn't cry when I set her down this time. I just tell her I will talk to her on the monitor (which I do) and she tends to be okay. I usually use the speaker setting on our monitor to tell her I love her and to go to sleep.

She was asleep by 8:15-8:30. Again, she takes forever to fall asleep. I contemplate whether or not we need to shorten her nap but 2 hours seems standard at this age and any less than 2 hours and she goes crazy.

I read my magazine and enjoyed a Diet Dr Pepper while Michael watched the Lakers. We both went to bed incredibly early, clearly both tired from our busy days. 

And that is a day in the life! If you like these posts, follow my Instagram where I document regularly. You can also see other day in the life posts below:


  1. Fun post! I have the same camo shirt. I think all my kids went through a phase where they hated hair washing. I hope she'll grow out of it!

  2. I love your day in the life posts! Also, my son hated having water poured over his head when he was about Ella's age too. What finally worked for us was to teach him how to hold a wash cloth over his eyes and wipe them after and he finally stopped freaking out. Good luck! I know it can be stressful!

  3. OH yes, I remember those days-- busy, busy, busy. LOL.

  4. I love your day in the life posts. your always on the go.


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