A Few Costco Favorites!

I LOVE Costco. Who doesn't? If you don't have one near you, I am so sorry. Growing up in Maine, we didn't have a Costco, but we did have a Sams Club. My parents were never Sams Club people, so I didn't even realize what I was missing! Having a Costco is the best.

This is the stuff I bought at my most recent trip. All of the photos are taken from my lovely living room carpet, because Ella can't handle it when I step inside the kitchen (RIGHT NEXT DOOR) to take pictures.

For the Moms out there... diapers, wipes and formula! 

The formula I was a bit apprehensive to try. We were buying a special gentle formula when she was first born, as it was suggested by the hospital. I noticed after a month or so, that her stomach issues were not improving. My boss actually told me to try Costco, and we did, and haven't looked back!  With Ella now one year old, this will be our LAST can of formula. I can't believe THAT. We are going to start mixing her bottles of formula with whole milk and hopefully within the next week or so, Ella will be drinking whole milk ONLY.

The diapers and wipes have always been great quality and our favorite products out there. Ella has never had rashes or issues with their brand diapers and wipes, and they are much more affordable.

I love these cans of soup! Add a small sandwich or salad and you have a perfect meal. Ella has tried the lentil vegetable and loved it.

I love the frozen steamer bags of veggies. This week I wanted to try the root medley, which we haven't tried before. These will make a great side to our dinners and I think Ella will like it a lot too. 

The frozen bags of fish are our favorite. We love the cod and salmon the most. 

Spinach for sides, salads and smoothies. Broccoli for salads and sides. Celery for salads and a snack with some nut butter. The fruit was a splurge, as I almost always cut up fruit myself. When Michael saw that I bought the pre-cut fruit, he was so excited. Between the 3 of us, we ate most that container the first night... 

I love cocktail cucumbers. I mostly eat these as a snack, but I like throwing them with my packed lunches or in my salads.

The cooked rotisserie chicken meat is so good. Perfect for salads, or throwing together a quick dinner. You can make an easy soup, a casserole, a chili, tacos, burritos etc. This is a great thing to have on hand, especially if you're busy like us.

Can't wait to make some tuna salad with this. I like that it is sustainably pole and line caught too!

Ella LOVED this. Perfect for a quick lunch. One package went in the freezer for an emergency meal.

These are delicious and I could eat the whole bag. I am thinking of crunching up a few and topping my salad with it. I think it will be good... will let you know!

And that's it for now! 

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  1. Amen to wipes in bulk- we are out of the baby stage here and we still buy wipes every week- use them for everything! :) Those root veggies look amazing too- thanks for sharing!


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