Day Date with Michael

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you all had a great weekend, we certainly did. Michael was working on Saturday, so it was just Ella and I which is always fun. On Sunday Michael and I decided we needed to spend some more quality time together, just the two of us. I feel like since having Ella we have really been more focused on her instead of each other and the balance is a little out of whack. We had soooo much fun on Sunday and I definitely think we need to try and do that at least once a month. I took just a few pictures but I wanted to share with you what we did.

We dropped Ella off around 9:30 in the morning, and headed straight to one of our favorite places for delicious iced coffee & tea. As you can see, we weren't excited to start our day or anything.

One thing I told Michael that I really missed/miss doing is running errands together. Since everything with Covid started we have always limited how many times we go into stores and who goes inside. We hadn't run errands together in months! We just had to run in to pick up an order from Michaels, and make a return at Kohls. Just being able to do those things together was really nice. I wanted to browse Target too but we decided to skip that and head home to get ready for a beach day.

I made us a playlist with some of our favorite jams to listen to on our drive (mostly my favorites.) We decided to drive South and go to one of the beaches in South OC instead of our home beach- just to switch it up.

We went to Dana Point and it was beautiful but a little crowded. We ended up going to the other side of the beach where we had more space.

We actually went in the water and I got knocked out by a wave! I don't know how I was so brave as a child playing in the ocean and riding the waves to shore... but let me tell you, it terrifies me as an adult. No. Thank. You. I will stick to swimming in pools.

On our way home from the beach I saw Ikea off the freeway and begged Michael to go. He was worried there would be a lot of people, but I said 'let's just go and see.' You guys. There was literally a gated line outside, like it was Disneyland or something. (And let's be honest- it really is a Disneyland for adults.) Because it was like 90 degrees outside, there was no way I was standing outside with a million other people just to browse. We really didn't need anything, so we passed. I hope to go on our next day date so maybe we'll get there early.

We came home and cleaned up a little. There is this seafood, steak and sushi place within walking distance to where we live and we have been really wanting to try it. They have a ton of outdoor seating, decently spaced apart and they opened at 4. We figured if we got there early, there wouldn't be many people there.


We were right and it was totally empty!

Michael got a beer. I'm not a beer person so I don't remember the name of what he ordered.

I got the Mahe Mule which was really good.

We ordered their brussel sprouts and oysters for appetizers. They were both so good! I always used to think oysters were gross (before I tried them) but I love them now that I have actually tried them.

We shared a cioppino and 2 sushi rolls and all of it was really good. Honestly, they could have sat a peanut butter and jelly in front of me and I would have loved it. I was just so excited to go out to eat again. We definitely aren't making this our regular thing again (hello pandemic) but it was a nice treat.

A couple hours after our early dinner Michael's parents dropped Ella off with us. They said she was a good girl but woke up from her nap with a bad attitude. That sounds like my Ella, haha. We missed her so much!

We took her out for ice cream and let her run around outside playing until it was a little past her bedtime.

We spent lots of time snuggling and then all of us went to bed!

It was such a great day and even though we missed Ella, I definitely liked having the time together. We hope to do a 'date day' at least once a month but we'll see if we follow through. If you're a Mom and haven't 'dated your spouse' recently, I highly recommend! :)

We'll be back on the blog on Thursday for the 'what's in my...' link up with Adrienne, to share what's in my closet. I think I am going to be sharing my favorite summer attire specifically. Be sure to link up with us!

See you then!
-Ashley & Ella


  1. Sounds like you had fun. That beach does look crowded!

  2. Such a great day spent together! I too missed just running errands with my husband, we got out a couple weekends ago now to browse Target & a hardware farm store and it was just the best morning lol!

    1. I told him how badly I wanted to just browse Target with him! But we didn't get a chance to do it. Next time, lol!

  3. What a wonderful day date! We tried to plan a monthly date night together (or even bi-monthly) when our boys were younger too. It's not always easy to keep that balance but I do think it's important. Looks like you had beautiful weather. I too am much more timid around the ocean as an adult than I ever was as a child.


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