Blogging Break

We were on a break" Friends project in the works - IPM ACTING ACADEMY

I am taking a short blogging break!

When I first began blogging, it came naturally and it was fun for me. Lately I find myself scrambling to do last minute posts, just to get something out there... But I don't love that. I am going to step back for a bit to work on making a blogging schedule that I can stick to, and find out how I can work this into my everyday life. It has been difficult balancing work, being a Mom and blogging... while also trying to be fully present with Ella. We'll be back on September 14th for the Not Just a Mom link up!


Here are our graphics if you are interested in linking up with us then! Thank you.

-Ashley & Ella


  1. Have a good "break" Ashley! You will be missed. Hope things calm down a bit more at home so that blogging can return to the fun outlet it used to be! :)

  2. blogging can be over whelming. Breaks are sometimes needed. Remember why you started and not get caught up with "keeping up with the jones" especially if that isn't where your heart is

  3. I completely understand!! Sometimes I have a whole lot to write about, and then I have "dry" periods with nothing at all. I think you deserve a little "vacation" from your blog. Can't wait for your return!


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