Weekend Recap


Hi friends, how is it Monday already? I love my weekends so much and it seems like Monday is always here in the blink of an eye. Luckily I have a short work schedule, and have lots of fun planned for Ella this week. Our weekend wasn't overly exciting, as seems to be the theme lately, but we did lots of relaxing and it's starting to feel like Fall which is really exciting!

Saturday was just Ella and I, as Michael had to work all day. We enjoy our lazy mornings together and then it feels like we are non-stop all day long. Ella is so busy these days, I often forget to grab my phone and take pictures. 

We went for many walks and climbed many trees along the way. Ella is finally understanding what to do when I say "smile" and it's the cutest thing ever.

We played with kinetic sand and farm animals. Kinetic sand is one of those activities that can hold Ella's interest longer than 5 minutes which is great!

Ella helped me whip up some carrot-raisin muffins. We got the recipe here, and I only made 1/2 a batch!

They came out delicious! We called them our "moon muffins" since we were focusing on space activities this week. Ella never eats carrots, and I try to sneak them in whenever I can. She was a big fan of these muffins and had no clue there were carrots in there. Michael also enjoyed them.

We were definitely feeling like "Fall" and had soup for lunch. This is one of our favorite canned soups:

Ella will eat this no problem, and it's packed with veggies! She had some crackers on the side. 

After lunch, Ella naps and I attempt to do as much as humanly possible! I picked up, cleaned and caught up on some blog work. As soon as she woke up, we had to go pick up groceries.

Later in the afternoon we stopped by our favorite park to check out the ducks and swung by the playground. Don't worry, we had masks, lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. (And we were the only ones there!) Ella misses swings so much, so I wanted her to enjoy it for a few minutes.

That night we got take out from one of our favorite spots and watched Frozen on the sofa. 


Toothbrush & books before an early bedtime for both of us! 

Sunday was a busy day, and miss Ella was go-go-go from the second she woke up. I didn't have my phone on me for most of the day and therefore we have almost no pictures to share! 

We woke up early and had breakfast and immediately went outside for a family walk. Ella had a huge fit when we came back home and apparently wanted a longer walk, so I took her back out and we went to the beach where she ran around crazy and watched the tractors cleaning up the beach.

Later, I had to grab something from Target and when I was there we saw this pumpkin decorating kit. We grabbed it and had so much fun decorating our big pumpkin! 

Ella was very proud of her work!

I made a yummy chicken & broccoli casserole for dinner which is huge and will easily be enough for dinner tonight too.

We drove over to Long Beach so we could check out the walking path and see if we could find any boats. There was just one out there but Ella loves going and looking. The view is so pretty.

We arrived back home, and I was feeling exhausted and ready to collapse into bed, but #momlife.

When we arrived home, Ella did NOT want to go back inside. She was 100% still in playing mode... So we played ball and rode her tricycle until she was finally tired.

After a bath and putting Ella to bed, Michael and I finished watching a movie we found on Netflix.

It was a creepy horror movie, and it was actually pretty good! Definitely not a good choice if you don't like scary/horror though. 

Thanks for checking out our weekend! We are going to be back tomorrow to share all of the fun space-activities we did this past week for our space learning unit. We'll see you then!

-Ashley & Ella 


  1. Glad you had a good weekend! Our weather was beautiful too and we couldn't get enough of it. Those muffins look so good! We made pumpkin muffins. That pumpkin decorating kit is so cute! I need to see if our Target has it.

  2. My husband and I were just saying this morning that we need another Sunday.. it should be a 3 day weekend and a 4 day work week! :) That pumpkin turned out so cute!

  3. I love the picture of Ella and her big pumpkin! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. I love that she is willing to try so many different foods. Ella did really good on her pumpkin


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