Under the Sea (Unit 1, Week 2)

Hi there! We are back to share the second half of our 'under the sea' unit with you. If you are new here, please check out last week's post to understand our whole 'stay at home learning' thing (that's what I am calling it.) We're having fun over here having themes to go with our learning and activities at home. Last week and this week we did under-the-sea and next week is all about space!

 Week 2-

Sunday- Collect shells on the beach and paint them
Monday- Slippery fish / 5 Little fish / Baby shark 
Tuesday- Match ocean animals & cards / Counting ocean creatures
Wednesday- Making dessert- under-the-sea jello cups 
Thursday- Playdough octopus legs / coloring sea creatures
Friday- Repeat sea creatures around the world activity
Saturday- Make your own ocean water 


Art- Painting shells 

We ended up not going to the beach on Sunday due to the crowds. But we had some seashells at home that worked for the activity just the same. Ella actually really liked this activity! I also attempted to draw some shells for her to paint on some construction paper. 

We got the shells, paint and painting tray at The Dollar Tree.


Music- Singing songs



For music Monday I just played some of Ella's favorite under-the-sea songs. She really enjoys music and we even used some of her musical instruments that we have at home to play along to the music with.


Language- Matching animal names to actual figurine

We bought this great pocket divider that goes on the wall (The Dollar Tree) and I made various cards with the sea creature names to go with her figurines. I would show her the card, tell her what it said and then have her match the card with the creature. She loved this activity so much! She loves placing the cards in and out of the slots as well as placing the various creatures. I love the little divider as it will be perfect for a variety of activities and fun.

Materials- Sea creatures

Math- Counting sea creatures

We used our math activity from last week, because it's simple and Ella still hasn't mastered counting 1, 2, and 3. If I say one, she says "two" and that's as far as we get. But I am so proud of her progress considering she's not even two.


Practical Life- Making dessert, under-the-sea jello cups 

We ended up not being able to do this activity on Wednesday because Momma got distracted by work and forgot to buy the stuff! The next time I went to the store I couldn't find the jello! We finally bought it over the weekend so we will do it this week sometime instead. #reallife


Art- Coloring sea creatures

We found these wooden sea creature cutouts at The Dollar Tree and left them in a bin on Ella's shelf with a few markers. She colored them with polka dots first and later decorated them with stickers, and then played with them for the rest of the week and weekend.

Sensory- Playdough octopus legs


This was super easy. I printed an octopus image offline, and then laminated it using self-laminating sheets. I set out several playdough options and tools and demonstrated putting legs on the octopus for Ella. She enjoyed decorating the octopus with legs and 'eyes.' Play dough is such an easy and cheap sensory activity for little ones. 


Geography- Sea creatures around the world activity

I feel like geography is going to be a harder category for me to accomplish, but I will always give it my best effort. This week, I hadn't brainstormed any new ideas so we stuck with placing sea creatures on her felt map. 

No new pic because I have been failing at taking pics lately.


Science- Make your own ocean water 

I forgot to take a picture of this because my phone was dead! We were planning on making a sensory bottle but I found all my glue sticks but no glue gun! Fail! I figured getting a glue gun was an unnecessary weekend outing with crowds, so we decided just to make ocean water instead. We used regular water and measured out salt, blue food coloring, glitter and added 'seaweed' which was shredded green paper, and some of her faux sea creatures. Ella liked scooping with the measuring spoons and mixing with her whisk.

Thank you for checking out our activities from last week! Sunday we started our space unit and so far Ella is loving it! I can't wait to share that unit with you guys. Have a great day!

-Ashley & Ella

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