Fall (Unit 3, Week 1)

 Hi friends! I am sharing all of our learning activities from last week! If you're new here, you can start by reading this post to understand how we came up with the idea to do the theme-focused learning at home. Our previous learning units were...

~Under the Sea 1
~Under the Sea 2

Please check those out if you're curious and haven't seen those posts yet. We had lots of fun learning about under-the-sea and all about space. Now that it's officially Fall we decided to focus our learning on all things Fall! (My FAVORITE season!) 

Our shelf got a Fall makeover and the addition of a few fun Fall activities. I did plan to change out the art to match the theme we are in and have been failing at that. For now it's pictures of Ella on our past adventures, so they are still cute! 

Our subjects for the week were:

Sunday- Art & field trip day
Monday- Music 
Tuesday- Language & math
Wednesday- Practical life
Thursday- Sensorial & science
Friday- Fine motor
Saturday- Art


Field trip-

Our field trip consisted of a nature walk/scavenger hunt. We were on the lookout for several things! 

-Halloween decorations
-Apple trees
-Wooden sticks
-Fallen leaves 

Here are some pics of our journey...

Halloween decor- check! 

Pumpkin- check (and a huge one at that!)

Fallen leaves- check. Ella wanted to take some as a souvenir but they were all wet, so we left them behind.

Pinecone- check. And this one she did get to take with her.

Ella LOVED this so much. We had so much fun. I just made the scavenger hunt worksheet using free images I found on google. I transferred the pics to a word document, printed it out and pasted it to some construction paper. So easy! 


Our art activity came off our our shelf-

A wooden scarecrow and markers for coloring. She will grab this off her shelf and color at her leisure. She's pretty good about not coloring other things, so we feel safe leaving this on the shelf for her to enjoy.

The wooden scarecrow cut out was from The Dollar Tree! I get a lot of my materials there. 



For Monday music, we found several "Fall" songs on Youtube. Ella always enjoys playing with her musical instrument basket while we listen. I hope to get her some nicer musical instruments for Christmas this year, but for now this is what we have.

Mondays are my busy day when I work till 7, so a quick music activity like this works perfect for us.



We printed, decorated and laminated a free printable book from this site and read it together. I paired the book with some faux apples for further exploration. (Although I wish we had apples of all colors to go along with the story book.) 


Our math activity came off of our shelf and is something quick and easy that I put together.

I made this little counting chart with a sharpie, and laminated it for durability. We bought these little wooden logs at The Dollar Tree and they are perfect for stacking and counting. Ella and I place these on the sheet together and work on counting them out loud. You could replace the wooden logs with just about anything and it makes for a great counting activity. 

Wooden tray | Laminating sheets


Practical life- 

Slicing apples! Ella and I love eating apples, and she is learning to love slicing them herself. I bought Ella her own little cutting board and apple slicer. We forgot to take a picture but this is a great apple slicer and we use it all the time. I obviously still have to help her with this activity, as she's not THAT strong yet, but she still loves practicing. 

Apple slicer | Wooden cutting board



For our sensory activity, I set up a little Fall inspired bin for Ella to explore. We used pinto beans as our base, faux flowers, leaves and pumpkins as fun fillers. I gave Ella lots of little scoops, cups and other tools to use for scooping and pouring. Ella plays with this in the center of her table which really helps with the clean up process. 


Dancing corn was an idea we found through Pinterest. We didn't have everything we needed for this activity so I plan to do this activity with her this week instead.


Fine motor-

This is another activity that we kept on Ella's shelf all week long that she loved. It's another simple activity that will help her with future practical life activities. 

Scooping transfer activities are always a favorite around here. We added little pumpkins to one dish and Ella uses an ice cream scoop to transfer them to the other bowl. Ella also has tongs and large plastic tweezers that she uses for transferring activities. The pumpkins, bowls and the scoop are all from The Dollar Tree! Scooping and transferring are all helpful for practical life activities as well. 



Ella is really into stamps right now, so I decided to incorporate a couple different stamps for her Saturday art activity. On her shelf, I placed 3 different colored ink pads, a pumpkin stamp and some pieces of paper for stamping on. The ink came from the craft store and the stamp is from the Target dollar bins. This one is a little bit messy for a shelf-activity but I am pretty good at keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn't make too much of a mess.

Another fun stamp activity was one we found online. We printed this pumpkin print and I paired it with some Halloween stamps we got at The Dollar Tree. She loved this one a lot, because she liked trying to line up her stamps with the circles. This was a fun fine-motor and art activity for her.

Thank you for checking out our Fall activities from this week. We're still going to do a few more weeks of Fall before we dive into Halloween focused activities toward the end of October. We have a lot more fun coming your way. If you have any Mom friends with toddlers who you think would enjoy these activities, be sure to share this post with them. Thank you! :) 

-Ashley & Ella


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