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Hi friends! Today I am linking up with some lovely ladies for our "Not Just a Mom" link up. If you are new here or haven't seen this link up before, these posts are just a glimpse into our lives as women and individuals- not just our lives as Moms.


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And today we are sharing our skincare/make up routines! I am so excited to share and read everyone else's routines as well. This post does contain affiliate links- thanks for your support.

My skin is unique in that I suffer from a skin condition. In addition to today's post I decided to share a little bit of my story in regards to my skin, which you can read about here. I have different skin care routines for morning and night, so I broke it down for you.

Morning Routine 

I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. I am not super picky but I don't like the ones that feel abrasive or burn. This one is gentle and both Michael and I can use it. I often just use it in the shower.

During the Summer I wear a daily sunscreen on my face. I like the Sun Bum sunscreen a lot. My make up also contains a sunscreen but putting a thin layer of this on first just makes me feel better and more protected. I stop doing this once it cools down and the sun isn't as strong! 

As far as makeup, I don't always wear it due to work, time etc. I've also given up on trying to constantly cover my depigmented spots. But here's what I wear for makeup if I am looking to look a bit more 'put together' and I have the time to put it on.

Dermablend facial cream foundation- this is extremely full coverage, but to me, doesn't feel super thick and gross. I use this because it's designed for people with my condition and gives me an even skin tone. Most other foundations I have tried show my vitiligo underneath, where this one does not.

Dermablend powder foundation- sometimes if I am not feeling a 'full face' I will do a bit of concealer and a thin layer of this powder. It does the trick, but I don't feel lasts as long as it would if I had the foundation on underneath.

Concealer- this is the best coverage concealer that I have found and comes at such a great price. This also goes on very thick, but I have naturally dark circles under my eyes, so I try to really cover them up, otherwise people are constantly asking if I am tired or am getting enough sleep. I have had them since I was a kid, and I don't think they are going away, so I just cover them.

Benefit brow powder- I have naturally thick eyebrows but unfortunately they are not the same shape what-so-ever. I also plucked the heck out of them when I was 15 so they are sparse in many areas. I use this product to fill in the areas that I want a bit more fullness. 

Mascara- I am not a lash guru, so I just use cheap mascara. I am excited to see what you all use, because I could definitely use something a bit nicer. 

Color pop lip stix- I like this more neutral shade of lipstick. I have a darker red one for weddings and special events. It goes on almost like a lip stain and lasts all day! 

Nighttime Routine 

I wash my makeup off using my basic gentle cleanser and this 'take the day off' product from Clinique. It works like magic! 

After I take off my makeup, I put on this facial moisturizer by Christina Moss. 

I also use this under eye cream sometimes. It helps with puffiness and my dark circles

And that is all for now, although I play to start using lash boost as a part of my routine. I just received some as a freebie from an R&F event I attended. A woman I know sells R&F and she is sooo sweet and works extremely hard as a doctor at a hospital and also as a Mom, all while managing her R&F business. If you are interested in supporting her business, here is the link to her website. 

Thanks for checking out my post today regarding my skincare and makeup routine. For those that linked up, I can't wait to read all of yours. If you didn't link up to today's post, maybe you can join us next month when we talk about how we get crafty!

We'll be back on tomorrow to share how our second part of the under-the-sea learning unit went. See you then!

-Ashley & Ella

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  1. I definitely need to do better with my routine!

  2. Yes to daily sunscreen! I often don't wear makeup to work either, mostly because of time lol

  3. Can't wait to hear what you think about the lash booster!!

  4. I just began using that Sun Bum brand of sunscreen on my face at the end of this summer and I really like it.

  5. Sun Bum is my favourite. Cheap mascaras are the best!!

  6. I am horrible with remembering sun screen for myself. my kids always me not so much


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