Friday Favorites


Hi guys, happy Friday. I had a lot of time at home this week, which ended up working out quite well because I was able to get a lot of random stuff done. I was supposed to be in Maine all week, so I had the week off from work. I had requested the week off and booked my flight to Maine when I was feeling homesick, optimistic and also while Maine's numbers were looking good. Since booking the flight their case #s began to grow and I no longer felt comfortable going. It's sad to think how long it will be before I get to see my family again, sigh. 

While I haven't been the best on taking pics and documenting lately,  I do have some favorites to share with you.


Despite not being able to go through with my travel plans, I was able to have a pretty productive week. To be honest, I haven't had a productive week since this pregnancy began. I have been feeling really inadequate as both a mother and a wife... my morning sickness has been kicking my butt and I just haven't felt like myself. I am so happy that I was feeling better this week and was able to get some stuff tackled and productivity is my favorite.

Michael and I completed all the necessary paperwork (so far) toward our loan and we should be on track to close on November 30th as long as everything with the loan goes smoothly. I am so excited and I can't WAIT to show you guys some pictures. We have small renovation projects planned prior to move-in but nothing that should delay us too much. We found out the ceiling in our home is asbestos free (YAY) so we will save lots of $$ on that renovation project- another favorite of the week.

I was finally able to get my car serviced this week, deep cleaned and washed! Two things I have been putting off for lord knows what reason. But it feels good to get them checked off my to-do list. We also finally took care of Ella's 2 year check-up (a month late) so she's up to date with her vaccines and the doctor says she's perfect. Overall, a productive week with lots of adulting! 


Colder weather has found us here in southern California. I love warm boots, fuzzy jackets and the coziness that the cold weather brings.


And Ella is just adorable and precious in her winter attire, which is my favorite. 


Ella came with me to Target on Monday so we could get her some new boots and mittens for our cold mornings. We had so much fun just walking around the aisles and looking at all the Christmas magic. I let Ella pick out her own ornament to put on the tree and she picked a little bunny. Big surprise.

And look at how cute her little boots are!!! She was unsure when we first brought them home, but loves them now. Even the best part is, she can put them on all by herself! 


I got a little ahead of myself and ordered this light fixture from Wayfair for our dining room at the new house. Even though we haven't officially closed yet, we are fairly certain we will without problems. I really hope I am not jinxing us by prematurely buying things! When I saw this light fixture that I LOVE was 50% off, I had to snag it. I also got us a rug for the entryway, but haven't received it yet. I think it's so beautiful, and shopping around for the best deals for things for our new home is my favorite! 


Michael made the yummiest dinner on Thursday night, AND he did the dishes after. Win-win! He made some white rice, garlic bok choy and topped it with some seasoned pork bulgogi from the Asian market. It was simple, delicious and pretty healthy overall. 


Loving my mug and hot chocolate this week. We bought some over the weekend and have been enjoying it all week long. Ella only tried it once and seemed to like the whipped cream more than the actual hot chocolate. 


Last but not least is this sweet picture I captured of these two cuties snuggling on the couch one early morning. Ella is slowly getting more cuddly and affectionate, which is always my favorite. I just love them both so much.

Thank you for checking out our favorites from the week. We'll be back on Monday to share our weekend with you guys. Have a great rest of your Friday and the best weekend.

-Ashley & Ella



  1. Sorry you can't make it home to Maine, I know you must be bummed. But yay for a nice productive week. Make sure you give yourself plenty of grace-- my second pregnancy was awful with morning sickness all day long for the entire 9 months but we all survived and somehow the stuff that needed to be done got done. Growing a human is a lot of work!

  2. I'm so sorry you can't make it home to Maine. Missing your family is so difficult -- I can't wait until this is all over! Glad to hear that you had a productive week, though. I know how it can feel to be wiped and wish you could do so much more -- but it sounds like you're doing great. Plus, a Target trip always helps. :) Have a nice weekend!

  3. I would love some hot chocolate. I'm sorry about Maine! We have been thinking of our annual FL trip to see my parents and I'm still undecided.


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