Friday Favorites

Hey friends! Can you tell we are excited it's Friday??? :D We have had a great week and hope to have a great weekend too. I have to work today from 7-4, but our Friday night looks like takeout pizza and some festive holiday movies... I kinda can't wait! As of yesterday, Orange County is back in the most restrictive tier due to our growing case numbers, so we plan to stay home and stay safe. Our only weekend plans are tomorrow, when I go to our new house to go over some renovations with painters/ a handyman etc. 

So far our list of plans is fairly short- scrape the popcorn ceilings and install recessed lighting. I'm also going to have them paint the master bedroom and help me install some more updated light fixtures in the entryway and dining area. I'm waiting to hear back from a construction company on a fireplace renovation project, and am considering continuing the current laminate wood floors in the bedrooms as well (right now it's brand new carpet.) Minor renovations that I hope don't delay our move too much. Excitement all around and I can't wait to share pics with you once it's officially ours!

Okay, here are some favorites from my week. I do have some affiliate links in there for a few products that fell into my favorite list this week! :)


Our loan is nearly approved, and we are getting the keys to our home on Monday or Tuesday. I am so excited! We have the best realtors and team helping us, so this home buying experience has been fairly smooth and fast. I will give credit where credit is due, Michael has basically taken care of everything. He just tells me what to sign and where. I'm so lucky he takes charge like this because I am terrible with understanding documents, loans and all that jazz. Especially right now being pregnant, I always feel a little frazzled. So if you're reading this babe, you're the best!!! We are also extremely blessed to have the help of his parents with our down payment. They have always wanted to help us, but especially since we are buying both a house and a dental practice at the same time, their help was extremely needed and appreciated. So thank you to them as well, I won the in-law lottery!!! 

We are so close to being official homeowners and it feels sooo good! I'm already dreaming of Ella helping us hang the stockings on the mantle and decorating the Christmas tree. The thought of waking up in our own home on Christmas morning just makes me emotional.


I ordered Michael and I these advent calendars back in August... We just received them and I am so excited. We are huge Friends fans, him even more so than me. Who said advent calendars are just for kids??? They were sold out last time I checked, but keep checking back if you are a huge Friends fan... I already took a sneak peak in the pockets (oops) and it's literally amazing.



We are squeezing in as much playground time as we can get. We only go if it's empty, and have masks ready if other friends show up. But usually when that happens, we leave. I'm not messing with coronavirus!!! I have a feeling our playgrounds may get shut down again soon, so I try to take her every morning or evening while we still have a chance.


This little helper is my favorite. Ella has been allll about helping me chop food for snacks and dinners. We got her this chopper and she loves it. It's still fairly sharp, so she needs adult supervision when using it obviously, but it's definitely not as dangerous as a regular knife. A great little stocking stuffer for your toddler who loves to help in the kitchen. I love that she loves helping us. She also loves helping do the dishes! I hope that continues as she grows ... ;) 


I made the most delicious glazed carrots the other day, and I just had to share the recipe with you. They were sooo good, even Ella ate a few and getting her to eat cooked carrots is a serious chore most of the time. I plan on remaking them next week for Thanksgiving.


While 2020 hasn't been the busiest year, we have definitely had a crazy last couple months. Lately I have been so thankful for my happy planner to keep track of all our tasks related to buying the home, as well as my appointments for the baby. I plan to get another for 2021, and I love looking through all the styles and selecting the best one that suits me.


Speaking of baby, our little girl is now the size of a beet and is growing big and strong. I am now 14 weeks along, and feeling a bit better everyday. I still get some nausea, exhaustion and the occasional headache, but it seems to be easing up! With Ella, every single symptom you could possible feel, I felt. And so far this pregnancy is no different. I have my next appointment on Tuesday and I can't wait to see how baby girl is doing. We're pretty decided on the name Mia, but who knows? Maybe I will change my mind at the last minute. 

Well that's all for favorites this week. Thank you for checking out our blog. I know my family and friends always check in here, but we appreciate the other few readers we do have. Now that I am feeling better and we have so much excitement coming, I hope to have some new and fun content to share here with you guys in the future. Have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend!

-Ashley & Ella

ALSO!!! I need help renaming my blog! I can't possibly exclude baby #2 in the title, I just feel cruel. I am thinking Adventures with Ella and Mia (a little wordy for me) or something new all together...  Any help or ideas would be appreciated. If you come up with something creative and I select it, I will send you a Starbucks gift card as a thank you! :) 


  1. I think Adventures with Ella and Mia sounds good! I'm curious what's in the Friends calendar!

  2. I saw that Friends advent calendar and considered getting one for myself but felt bad that I didn't have any for my boys. So many exciting changes coming your way!!

  3. How about ... Ella and Mia's Adventures in Life. That way it speaks to their individual adventures too! :)


I appreciate and love all questions and comments!