Ella's Stocking Stuffers

Hi friends! We've missed you but have been so busy around here. We are officially LIVING in our new home and we are over the moon. I mean, I can hardly handle how much I love it. Just some of the most basic upgrades we have had made life so much easier. We still have some unpacking, cleaning, organizing and furniture shopping to do, so we're not going to share a ton of pics (yet!) I have lots of sharing to do (soon) but for now we are just here to briefly share what we got Ella for her Christmas stocking this year.

Stockings are my absolute favorite part of Christmas. It was always my a favorite part of Christmas morning growing up too. My Mom (aka Santa) always filled them with the BEST goodies and we also got to open them first thing. If we woke up early and before everyone was awake, we were still allowed to open our stocking. That was always the rule at our house and I loved that rule. I have many fond memories of sneaking down the stairs at 5:30 am, sitting on the couch and going through my stocking. 

Now that I have my own daughter, I look forward to filling her stocking probably more than I looked forward to opening mine. Here is what I got for her stocking this year!

I had so much fun shopping for Ella throughout the year. I stuck to mostly The Dollar Tree & Target dollar bins for her stocking goodies. However, I did try to shop local this year as well, and we got her a few small things at a toy store on Main Street in Seal Beach. My Mom always put several delicious treats in our stockings and I always go that route as well... Peanut butter cups are her favorite (and mine) so that was an easy choice. The other treats are stocking staples in my opinion.


Here's a reminder of what we got Ella last year:

Christmas (Eve) morning. SO CUTE. We opened stockings and the tree on Christmas Eve because we were planning on staying overnight at the Festival of Lights. I have a whole post on our experience with that here. It was amazing!

We got a majority of her things at The Dollar Tree and a few at Target as well. She still plays with most of these things! Just last night she was playing with her little gingerbread man and begging for the penguin but I can't find him anywhere! I think I packed it away already.

And throwback to Ella's first Christmas stocking...

Her first baby doll, lotion, bubble bath, a teether, and a little book.

Ahhh I can hardly wait to see her little face on Christmas morning. Hopefully I can find the time to gather up a post to show you her gifts as well, but that might not come until after Christmas. 

If you celebrate Christmas- what were some of your favorite stocking stuffers when you were a kid? And what do you like to get in your stocking now?

If you don't celebrate Christmas and celebrate something else, what is one of your favorite childhood holiday memories?

We hope to see you back soon!!! xoxo


  1. Hey girl,

    I know its been so long since I've reached out & been around.. I just want you to know I've followed all of Ella's journey and am so happy with your new pregnancy. I hope everything is going well and I hope the universe will one day let reid, ella and the new baby meet as I know uncle Rick is one of reids favorite people to this day. Thinking of you all and I know the universe has been in your favor. Love you.


  2. Congrats on the new house! I'm sure Ella will be thrilled with her stocking stuffers.

  3. Omg her face is priceless. I love the idea of being allowed to open the stocking first if no one else is awake. We always got a new movie from my grandparents on Christmas Eve. We would have to watch the movie in the morning before we were allowed to wake anyone else up.

  4. We always open our stockings first too but we do that as a family and it's pretty chaotic but I love it. My mom always wrapped every single thing in our stocking so opening them was pretty drawn out; I don't do that as I really do not like wrapping. I always tuck a few goodies like trail mix, PB cups, favorite candy etc. into my boys stockings but I fully admit as they've gotten older it's gotten harder to stuff them. I tend to stick to pretty uninteresting things like toothpaste and toothbrush, a book or a movie, gloves or socks--- things like that. I tend to pick out my own stuffers and I like jewelry, nail polish, books, lotion, lip balm, and any fun makeup stuff I wouldn't normally bother to buy myself.


I appreciate and love all questions and comments!