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Hi guys! I know I haven't given you many pictures of our new home, and that's because it is far from complete. We are still figuring out how to make best use of our new space, and we are still finishing up a few renovations. (And we have an entire room to furnish still...) It's such a process, but we're having so much fun with it. I am still on total cloud nine and just loving all the convenience that having this new home has brought our family. 

When we first moved in, my goal was to make sure Ella's spaces were completed first; I wanted her to feel comfortable right away. I failed to talk to her in depth about the move, even though she visited the new home during the buying process several times. I should have tried explaining more to her what 'moving' meant but wasn't sure how much a two year old would understand. Luckily she adapted quickly, and she is loving her new spaces.

Yes, that's right spaceS! She has her bedroom AND a playroom... for now at least. My plan once the baby is ready for a nursery of her own (3-4 months) is to move her into what is now Ella's bedroom, and we will reorganize the playroom to become Ella's 'big girl' bedroom. I have already talked to Ella about this and she acts really excited about the idea of a big girl room and bed... we'll see how excited she is when the time comes, haha. 

Today, I am sharing some pictures of her play room. 

This is Ella's favorite room in the house! I noticed immediately after taking this picture how dangerous the cords to her blinds are- so they are now out of reach! I plan to replace the blinds with a curtain for her in the future.

We had Ella's kitchen next to her shopping cart, but she uses it so frequently that we moved it out to our main living space for now. The ball pit is new and was a gift from a realtors/friends. So sweet and she is obsessed with it.

I wanted Ella to have an area where she could be messy with her arts & crafts, and this area works perfectly for that. This table was her old bouncer when she was a baby and converted into a little work station for her.

It has signs of love! 


And we keep ample craft supplies on her nearby cart. But most of the extra art supplies and sensory items are in her closet hidden away. 

Ella's ABC pocket activity from the craft store is always nearby so she can play with it whenever she wants. She's really into her ABCs right now.

Ella has a mini shelf in the corner to display some activities that I rotate for her. We haven't been doing our themed activity weeks since I got pregnant, but we'll start that up again soon. First trimester sickness kicked my butt and then we had to deal with the move, so I didn't have the time to put into Ella's activities like I wanted to. We are still good about rotating her activities though. 

These are two favorites right now. Her knobbed cylinders and the letter matching game were both Christmas presents. She has mastered some of her cylinders already, but the letter matching game will take her some time. 

Ella loves to play pretend and her doctor kit is one of her favorites. 

We also have this animal picture matching game for her. She usually just plays with the animals or the cards vs matching them as intended, but that's okay! 

I always try to keep a few musical instruments out for her. I meant to buy her some new instruments for Christmas, but totally spaced it. 

And another activity on her shelf is this mother goose coin bank. Ella loves putting the fake gold coins inside and then taking them out. I have the coins in a drawstring bag for another little challenge. 

This is Ella's cozy reading spot. I would love to get her a little chair for this area, but for now she just cozies up to Mickey and it seems to work just fine. 

I found our old posters from our under-the-sea unit, and decided they would make for some fun wall art. Ella enjoys fish and sea creatures so much! 

Next to her reading corner is her new dollhouse that was given to us from our friend Samantha.

Her daughter was given a new one, so she gave this one to us. So thoughtful and we have lots of fun playing with it.

The closet is by far my favorite part of the whole room... The shelves allow us to be organized and everything is in it's place. All of those bins have some type of theme to them, and I use the activities inside to rotate onto her shelves. We keep extra books and puzzles on the top shelf because I try to rotate those as well.

There are still a few things I want to get for her room to make it more complete, but for now we're really happy with it. I want to get a larger play mat that will fill most of the floor, as well as a little bean bag or chair for her reading area. But for now, I think it's perfect! 

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into our home. I will be sure to share more as we get more rooms completed. Thanks for reading!

-Ashley & Ella


  1. This looks like a wonderful space for Ella!

  2. That is a wonderful play space! Hopefully the transition will go smoothly with the new baby; I was surprised at how well my boys adapted to moving rooms and transitioning to beds but I know every child is different.

  3. such a fun space. I love the corner ball pit. How neat that her bouncer turned into a table. So smart.

  4. This room looks great!! What a nice space for her to be able to play in

  5. This space is great! What a nice room for Ella to play in


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