Day in the Life

 Hi friends! I knew I wanted to document a day for the blog, and decided to do it this Saturday. I realized after planning it, that it was my one Saturday of the month to work... So this isn't a 'typical' Saturday but it was a busy one. This was my 6th work day in a row after moving all weekend long... Needless to say, Sunday was a much needed break. (6 day work weeks are not common for me at all. I just happened to be filling in for a hygienist this week on my off days.)

Okay, here was our Saturday!

I set my alarm for 5:15. I have been trying to go to bed earlier so that waking up early isn't so painful. I like the calmness of the early morning and quite honestly enjoy the 'me time' before my day gets started. I ended up laying in bed till 5:30 or so, I just couldn't pull myself out of our cozy bed.

I started brewing some coffee. Green Mountain's caramel vanilla cream is my absolute favorite! A must-try if you like flavored coffee. If you're in the market for a new coffee maker, we love ours so much! 

I turned on the Christmas lights and enjoyed my coffee in the coziness of our family room, while working on my laptop- future blog stuff, reading emails etc.

I put away the clean dishes. Michael is so funny... he is typically the one who does the dishes these days and he prefers hand washing. He just used the dishwasher as a drying rack. You can tell we aren't used to these luxuries, haha! I just looked it up, and as I suspected, dishwashers are MORE efficient than hand washing, so I told Michael we really should start using it to save the water. He is on board.

Ella woke up around 6. We try really hard to push her out-of-crib time until 7 am, but on this day she was calling for "mama," so I knew she wasn't going to fall back asleep. I am thinking she might be ready to decrease her 2 hour day time nap to extend her night sleep, but we'll see. She was grumpy because she asked for cartoons and I handed her books instead.

Ella wanted breakfast and had asked for toast, so I gave her some of my bagel and some blackberries. She immediately said "no, toast!" I thought she'd eat the bagel without question, but apparently she really wanted regular toast.

Luckily we had a couple slices of bread. I gave her some banana slices too.

I have been a bagel maniac lately... It's all I crave for breakfast. It keeps me feeling surprisingly full throughout the morning. Carbs are all I crave during my pregnancy (My candle is balsam fir scented by Glade.) 


Ella and I did some playing and coloring while I finished my breakfast and coffee.

Whenever I sleep on semi wet hair, I wake up to a hot mess. So I straightened it out and put on a little make up. I quickly packed my things and headed to work. Ella was sad to see me leave and it breaks my heart. Whenever I work extra during the week I know Ella notices and misses me. Luckily I have some time off coming up for the holidays.

I arrived to work and was busy from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. I only work 8-12 on Saturdays, so it wasn't too bad (although I think I was there until around 12:30 cleaning up...)

I had an appointment at Spectrum at 12:40 to return some equipment, so I headed there next. I arrived fully expecting to wait forever, and I was in and out in less than 7 minutes. Amazing! I appreciated their process and how they were managing social distancing and had barriers between customers and employees.

While I was at Spectrum I called in some lunch to-go. Michael has been encouraging me to try Pita 360 because I love Mediterranean inspired food. I ordered a pita sandwich and rice plates for us to try. Ella was at Michael's parents and usually naps from 1-3, so I didn't go get her after as she was already sleeping. They're really sweet about dropping her off to us too. We are spoiled!

After I got home, I started some laundry and just soaked up the quiet of our house. Nobody was home! Can we talk about how much I love being able to do laundry right inside our home and not sharing it with ANYONE else??? It's the best. 

I took a quick shower and changed into comfy clothes. My bump is growing!

I ate lunch in peace and it was amazing. My food was as delicious as it looks. A chicken kabob, rice, veggies, cucumber-tomato salad and hummus with pita. The chicken was incredible but I actually think the veggies were my favorite part. I let myself enjoy my lunch slowly and just worked on making a to-do list for the rest of the week.

I switched over the laundry. We use these dryer balls and they help reduce the drying time of our clothes.

I made some hot cocoa with coconut creamer to warm myself up. And then it was time to tackle some furniture.

I got one end table together. We had two of these and two dressers to put together for our bedroom. As I type this, 3/4 are done... yahoo. One more dresser left.


Around 3:30 Michael got home from work and told me to come outside because some of the neighbors were having a social-distancing hot cocoa event outside. We met everyone (from afar of course) and one of them had baked us some bread... so sweet! She gave me her number so that if we ever need anything we can text or call her. I swear we couldn't have found a sweeter neighborhood. Every single person in our cul-de-sac that we met is so friendly and nice.

After meeting neighbors, we folded and put away the laundry from earlier.

Michael's parents dropped Ella off around 4:30/5? and she enjoyed some of our Mediterranean food for dinner. As you can see, she had a pajama day... Getting her dressed in the morning is such a fight, and since we don't really leave the house anyway I don't see a problem with the pajamas.

After dinner, we decorated our gingerbread house. Ella actually loved this way more than I anticipated and was so sad when I told her I had to clean it up and put it away.

She was super into it and wanted to do everything herself. 

Michael's parents had purchased us a gate so we can keep Ella more contained. None of us are used to the amount of space we have here, so having her just run wild was freaking me out a little bit. We wanted to try mounting it with command strips, as the thought of drilling into my beautiful walls made me so sad... to Target we went.

We grabbed a few essentials. Target was pretty empty and it was nice being able to get out as a family for the first time in months.

I tried to snap a pic but it got all blurry and Ella moved her head.. ha! As you can see, I was wearing a fake stethoscope that Ella insisted I wear throughout Target.

The command strips worked, but Ella's pretty strong and she figured out that they were attached with velcro. (She started trying to rip it off the wall the next day. Our handyman came by to help us with some loose curtain rods, so we had him install it with screws. Our walls are actually not easy to drill into because of the depth and thickness, so we leave that stuff to professionals. Or Michael's Dad... haha!)

After Target Ella enjoyed some of our neighbors homemade bread. She enjoyed it so much and I sent the neighbor a text to let her know that her treat was much appreciated.

We shared a few snuggles on the couch. 

These two had their usual crazy time together. Tickling, swinging, wrestling etc.

Ella got a quick bath before getting ready for bed. Out of one nightgown and into another... I love this girl in her nightgowns. 

After 15 minutes or so of reading and singing, I put Ella down for bed. 

After Ella was down, we cleaned up the kitchen and living space... Wiped things down, swept and did some dishes. I immediately took a long hot shower and got into some comfy clothes.

We wrapped a few of Ella's presents. We don't have that much to wrap, but Michael's parents got her a couple of things too, so I don't want it to overwhelm us on Christmas Eve. I am trying to decide if I should wrap her stocking stuffers or not... What do you guys do? Wrap the stocking stuffers or just throw them in there?

We enjoyed a few minutes of TV before heading to bed around 9:30. And that was our Saturday. We are still unpacking, putting together furniture and honestly have so much to do. But we are enjoying it so much. I do look forward to having our entire house together without boxes lingering in the corners. 

Thanks for reading. We will be back on Friday to share some favorites and hopefully some more glimpses of the house. 

-Ashley & Ella


  1. Ella is just too cute!! How sweet of your neighbors! so glad y’all are doing well!

  2. I think I missed your announcement of baby #2, Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see your new home!! No wrapping stocking stuffers here, I just throw it in. Happy Holidays!!!

  3. I don't wrap stocking stuffers buy my mom always did. I think it's all a matter of preference but since I tend to really stuff the stocking I find things fit better unwrapped. Sounds like a wonderful day and I just love the little glimpses I'm already getting of the house.

  4. Seems like a busy day! Your neighborhood sounds really nice!

  5. Love seeing you settle in to your home too, yes we still have everything everywhere and so much to do lol! All in time it will come together, or at least I tell myself that ;) Your neighbors sound lovely, that is truly the best!

    My mom never wrapped our stocking stuffers but my husband's mother did, so since Ron & I really only do each other's stockings he wraps my things & I don't wrap his or Ro's lol...I think it is easier to stuff it without wrapping!

  6. Such a fun, busy, relaxing day. I love your new neighborhood had a little party. I want a neighborhood like that.


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