Christmas Eve & Morning


On Christmas Eve night we had Ella set out some goodies for Santa and his reindeer. We had to be a little stingy with the sugar cookies because her Dadda ate them all... :) I said "Michael, where are the cookies we're supposed to leave out for Santa?" And he just looks at me like "oh no." 

Cookies, peanut clusters and milk for Santa and a giant carrot for the reindeer. Ella also painted Santa a picture, since she can't write him a letter just yet. When I told her it was for Santa to eat, I felt like she really understood what I was saying. She was so excited to leave the treats out.

Ella was in bed by 8 o'clock and Michael and I got to wrapping and putting together her easel and high chair. Michael and I opted not to exchange gifts this year. We have had so much going on with the house, and we've been buying things we need as we realize it, so it felt silly to do the whole gift exchange thing. I ended up buying him a few stocking stuffers (very practical things like underwear and pens... haha) but that is all. 

We finished everything pretty quickly and went to bed fairly early ourselves.

On Christmas morning...

We made some delicious coffee with frothed milk with our new Nespresso machine. Our realtors dropped this off (along with a gift for Ella) as a 'welcome home/Christmas present.' They are the sweetest people on Earth. Around 7 we heard Ella awake her in her crib, so I sent Michael to go get her so I could record her reaction to the presents. *It won't let me post the video here.

This little girly was unphased by the sight of the tree at first, but was really excited to see that Santa had taken a liking to his treats. She looked at me and said "eat it all!" Side story. If you notice the pajama change it's because we were attempting potty training with Ella all day on Christmas Eve, and she had an accident right before bed (before we put her in her night diaper.) We have decided she might not be ready yet because she has a tendency to hold it until she can't hold it anymore and it never ends up going on the potty like we hope. Even when we put her in just undies and place her on there every 15 minutes. Okay, back to Christmas.

Ella opened her stocking first. She was incredibly lazy about opening the gifts... She would rip open one piece and then say "Mama do it!" Hahaha. She just wanted her things with no work involved what-so-ever.

Ella's stocking was crammed full of goodies! The cash came from my Mom and Ella's great Meme. Spoiled little girl! 

Ella didn't know where to look next! 

She would open one present and play with that for 5-10 minutes before moving on to opening another present. I think it took us almost 2 hours total to get everything opened up.

Here are some pics I took throughout the morning...

The bandaids from the stocking were a huge hit.

She loved her new bunny from Michael's Mom.

This is why it took 2 hours. She stopped to play with everything. Haha.

Here she was when she was all done. Next year I am going to do less 'stuff' and hopefully more experience gifts- aquarium and zoo passes etc. I pray by next year we are able to do more things like that... :) 

And here she is playing with her favorite gift of them all. Her Ikea easel! The best 25$ ever spent... she just loves it. We bought her the Melissa & Doug easel kit to go with it. Ella loves this thing. I originally wanted to store it in the playroom but she has been using it so often that we've kept it set up in our main living area.

It's hard to believe that at Christmas next year we're going to have a second little girl to add to the fun and celebration. I sure hope we're in a safer time and we will actually be able to see my family and our friends too. We hope you and your family had an amazing holiday season. 

-Ashley & Ella


  1. It's wonderful to see how happy Ella was!

  2. Aw, what a wonderful holiday! I remember those days of present opening taking forever.. now we're done in record time. They get much faster at opening as they age! LOL. I too shied away from any experience type gifts this year as I felt like last year's didn't get used at all and didn't want to waste the money not knowing what we'd be able to do this year.


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