Life Lately

Here's a little photo dump from the last month or so... we've been busy having fun!

We took our cuties to the pumpkin patch! It was FREEZING and we were super underdressed. Michael and I had jackets in the car, but of course nothing for the girls. We wrapped them up in our jackets for the hayride, and got out of there as quickly as possible. #fail 


Heading to the pumpkin patch! 


Mia and Ella wore their matching pumpkin hats, and I can hardly handle the cuteness!

A little family pic on the hayride. 

Cute, but freezing.

After the hayride, Michael took Mia to the car to blast the heat. I took Ella to walk around the patch.

We found our way through the hay maze.

Ella won a little kitty prize during ring toss.

Ella was so annoyed that I made her ride this horse. HAHA! 

My sweet girl had fun. Mia had no idea what was going on... haha! 

We done some fun Fall things...

Decorating pumpkins. I love decorating, not carving. It's such a yucky mess and I am terrible at carving pumpkins. I don't think we'll do any carving this season. I know Ella's school is going to let them explore the insides of pumpkins at some point, so I don't think we need to. 

We did some cookie decorating! 

Ella's creations! 

Ella's wardrobe got a little Fall update as well... We only display a few outfits to prevent fits when she is selecting her choice for the day. 

Here's some pics of Mia girly!!!! 

Mia is just as cute as ever. She loves a good bath! 

And she absolutely loves going on the swings with her sister! 

Tummy time is a favorite of hers... This is sooo the opposite of Ella. Ella hated being on her tummy. Mia cannot stay on her back. She just loves tummy time.

Doesn't she have the sweetest face? I just love her.

She's been loving our Fall books! 

We celebrated Ella's 3rd birthday! I took her to Knotts Berry Farm and we had the best time. She was actually very good about wearing a mask most of the time we were there. We took it off for pictures and when we were outside and away from people so she could get a break. It was really hot and I wanted her drinking lots of water.

We tried a new 3-D ride and Ella killed it, coming in 6th place! HAHA!

Ella enjoyed a Panda Express lunch while at the park.

Ella loved seeing Snoopy, even from a distance!


We rode lots of fun rides.

We loved all the decorations.

We went on a Thursday so there were almost no people when we first arrived... Here we are waiting in 'line' for the train.

Ella was so brave.

We got to ride a lot of things together, but a few rides Ella had to ride alone and she did great.


So many fun times with my sweet family! 



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