My Dad Came to Visit! (Part 1)

 My Dad came to visit with us for a couple of weeks, and it was so much fun to have him here! Ella was sooo happy to have her Grampie, and Mia was pretty darn happy too! It had been way too long since we have seen any of my Maine family. Fortunately my father is retired, so he can visit more easily than my other family members. We enjoyed having him here and miss him already. 

Here are some pictures from his trip here!

On the very first morning he was here, we went to Main Street in Seal Beach to grab some breakfast, walk around and hit the beach after.

I thought Ella was going to be more shy, but she warmed up right away and it's like my Dad's lived with us her whole life.


Gorgeous beach weather!

Ella was thrilled to have her Grampie there to push her on the swing at the park. 


And it's not a trip to the beach without feeling the sand between your toes.

Overall, it was a beautiful day! 

While my Dad was here, we wanted to take him to one of Ella's favorite places! It's this massive park with a train ride, a small zoo and on this day they had a pumpkin patch. It was so much fun! 

While waiting for the train, she grabbed her Grampie's hand... so sweet!

I loved all the pumpkins everywhere! Even in sunny southern California it felt a bit like Fall! 


Ella had to show off her big muscles and climbed to the top of the haystack! 

One happy Grampie!

Rare pic of me and my girls. I'm always the one behind the camera. 

Ella had a blast, and yet wouldn't smile for a single picture! That stinker.

The pumpkin patch even had a little bounce house where they let children in one at a time to bounce around safely. Ella had a BLAST! 

(okay, she smiled for ONE pictures!)

Mia couldn't hang. She was such a trooper for the whole day and napped as she needed in her stroller.

After the pumpkin patch we headed to the zoo, which is inside the park.

Such a fun little zoo and only 2$ to get in ... you really can't beat that!

After we left the park, we headed to Michael's office to meet up with him, and we all went to get Greek food together after.

Ella enjoyed the water fountain at the restaurant more than the food. It was such a good day overall.

On this day we let Ella sort of dictate what we were going to do. She requested breakfast and the mall.


Breakfast to start. And a yummy bloody mary for me! 

Ella was READY for the mall. She lives for the mall! HAHA! 

She rode the carousel and a few other rides while she was there. I took off her mask for the pic! We rarely actually go into a store. Ella just likes to ride the escalators over and over, and finds the little mall rides to be the greatest thing ever. It's really cute.

Later that night we went somewhere I had never been before, but have always wanted to try.

Pirates Dinner Adventure! You eat dinner and enjoy a show at the same time. We had been to medieval times, which is right next door, but I was always curious about the pirates show too.

Ella was SO excited. Luckily, they separate you by families, so you aren't sitting next to others while you are eating.

Ella had her purple flag waving, and loved cheering along!

She handled the show so well, considering how loud and dark it was. It was definitely more for the kids, but it was still fun and I am glad we went.

I'm going to do a second post to finish up his trip, and I will hopefully have that together next week. Thanks for reading!

-Ashley xoxo

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  1. You all were so busy! I love all the pumpkin patch photos, and I’m glad your dad was able to visit. My family lives 9 hours away, so I know it’s hard being away from family


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