Weekend Pics

 Hi everyone, long time no see. I keep thinking I will be better about updating my blog and life keeps getting in the way. Between going back to work and taking care of the girls, it's so hard to find time to work on this little space. As Mia is getting older, we hope her schedule becomes a bit more predictable and consistent, which will allow me more 'me time' during naps and bedtime. For now, I try to squeeze it in when I can. Luckily for me, both girls are still sleeping (6:15 am) and we have very early risers on our hands, so this is miraculous! 

I'm sitting at the kitchen counter drinking my coffee, listening to the sound of our dishwasher. I already washed the bottles, packed lunches and got dressed and ready for work. So I am 2 steps ahead this morning, which never happens!

I just want to share a few pictures of our weekend. 

Ella had her 3 year check up (actually on Thursday) and she did so well! She got her flu and her varicella vaccines, so she was pretty sore all weekend. She also got a runny nose and cold symptoms almost immediately after. I have a feeling she caught something at school and just very inconveniently was sick right after seeing the doctors. She is average height, a little under the average weight but overall doing great! The soreness from her vaccines and her cold symptoms prompted us to cancel any weekend plans we had, and just stay home. We were supposed to celebrate Ella's Ye Ye's birthday (Michael's Dad) but we are going to do that this coming weekend instead.

We did some arts & crafts! I ordered Ella this kit from Amazon, and it is so great! The activities all come in their own individual envelopes, are the instructions are very easy to follow. We are going to try and do 1 activity per day, although over the weekend she did 4! 


(Ella has a mask on because I told her she had to wear it if she was going to be around her sister. I don't want Mia catching her cold if we can help it! 

I went grocery shopping and found these cute little pumpkins on sale for 2/$5! What a steal! I grabbed 2 so Ella could paint them and add them to our front 'porch/walkway.'


Pumpkin painting > pumpkin carving. So much easier and less of a mess! 

More crafts! She's been working on her crafts to send to her Maine family in the mail!

And what about Mia girl...

She was a bit fussy this weekend too! We keep waiting for her to pop up with cold symptoms, but so far nothing. But she was definitely not her happiest self this weekend. She did try prunes for the first time and was a big big fan! 

Yum, yum, yum! 

We did a fun little science experiment! Bubbling Halloween Cauldrons! 

We just used baking soda, vinegar and food coloring for this fun experiment. Ella loved it so much, she wanted do it over and over and over! 

That's some deep concentration! 

We filled up the candy bowl and are ready for trick or treaters this weekend! Ella reallllly wanted a piece of candy, but we compromised and I let her fill the candy bowl instead. She found this to be a very important role and it helped us avoid a complete mental breakdown. 

And that was our very low-key weekend. When we weren't making crafts or cooking, we were trying to keep up with Ella's messes and cleaning up the house. I don't know how some people do it, but I feel like I cannot stay on top of my house. There's always a dirty counter, a messy rug or a pile of laundry. I am hoping to share another post this week with just a bunch of random photos that I have been taking of the girls. Ella celebrated her 3rd birthday and I never even shared it here. I've been slacking! Hopefully I will finish up that post soon!

Thanks for checking back and not forgetting about us!

-Ashley xoxo 

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  1. I love the science experiments and pumpkin painting! Mia feeding herself is too cute.


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