Halloween Weekend

Good morning and happy Monday. We had a fun Halloween weekend and we hope you did too! (If you celebrate, of course.) I do know a few people who don't really celebrate Halloween, so if you are one of those people, I hope you enjoyed your weekend just the same!

There were a lot of community events this year, but we ended up missing most of them. With Mia still being relatively needy as far as eating/sleep needs, it's just easier to do things at home. We tried to make the weekend extra special for Ella and I know she's going to look forward to Halloween every year now.

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I had to work on Friday, but when I got home Ella was ready to have some serious Mommy time. Normally her bedtime is between 7-8 (depending on her nap that day.) I decided she was going to stay up late with me. We got the girls ready for bed as we usually do- bathes, lotion, pajamas etc. Once Ella was all ready, I said, 'do you want to go on an adventure instead?' She was SO excited. We went to Target in our jammies and got some of her favorite kettle corn and some hot cocoa. We also browsed all their Christmas displays that are out already!! (I can't believe that!) 

We came home, we got a movie loaded onto my laptop and we enjoyed a little movie night in the playroom. For some reason watching a movie from the playroom was a lot more exciting than being in the living room. What movie did we watch?

Well, a classic! 

The next morning, we decided to explore the inside of a small pumpkin. I'm definitely not a huge fan of carving pumpkins... It's difficult, messy and they rot so quickly! We definitely prefer painting and decorating pumpkins. But I still wanted Ella to see what the inside of one looked like, so we cut a miniature one open.

Ella liked scooping out the seeds and exploring the different parts.

We went through this little image to go over the parts together! I think they did this in school too, but Ella missed all last week due to a runny nose and cough. I wanted to make sure she got to learn it like her classmates!  

Later on Saturday we celebrated Michael's Dad's birthday.


We tried to spend some time outside, as most of last week the girls were cooped up getting over their colds. Ella wasn't excited or anything... :)

We stopped at the park. Mia absolutely LOVES laying in the grass and staring up at the sky, trees and watching birds and other creatures. She's definitely a nature lover from the start.

The night before Halloween we enjoyed some of our favorite Fall/Halloween books! 

Sunday morning... Happy Halloween! 


Mia enjoyed squishing and eating some banana slices.

It's quite the sensory experience for her, and yummy too!

Ella and I made her some Halloween-y oatmeal (that we forgot to document!) We just used classic rolled oats, water, orange food coloring and some raisins. We also added some crushed candied pecans. It was yummy and fun.

While Mia napped in the late morning/early afternoon, I took Ella to Main Street for some fun daytime trick-or-treating. Ella was READY!

"Look scary!" 

Ella had a blast! Most of the restaurants and stores were passing out candy. It was a good way to meet the business owners and see the insides of businesses we have never been to before. Ella was so good about saying "trick or treat" "please" and "thank you." I was so proud of my girl, and she loved how many compliments she got on her outfit. 

We love this little beach town! 

Ella got quite the haul! 


And at home... Mia was busy doing pumpkin things. Sitting and looking cute! :) 

Our plan was to have both girls go trick-or-treating on our street together. Michael was going to wear Mia in the carrier and I was going to take Ella door to door. Well, it ended up being a bit colder than I expected and our pizza for dinner was going to take longer than expected too. So Michael dealt with Mia and dinner while I got Ella ready and took her out. Divide and conquer is our style.

Ella loved all the spooky decorations. This was one of my favorite houses.

Ella got comfortable knocking and saying 'trick or treat' which was sooo cute.

And she got some more goodies! Truth be told, she doesn't need any of this candy. But, I wanted her to experience the fun and joy that is Halloween. It was really more about the experience than the candy.

She ended her night snacking on cucumbers and water... My girl! :) 

I love the holidays so much, especially Halloween and Christmas. It's so fun getting to do the holidays with my girls and see the joy it brings them. I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving next! 

We hope you and your family had a happy Halloween as well.




  1. What a fun weekend. Ella's costume was so cute and I am glad she had such a good time trick or treating.
    Kudos to you for getting this post up so quickly!

    1. We had so much fun! :) And thank you. I am making my blog more of a priority now that the schedule seems to be a little more predictable with our girls.

  2. I love Ella’s witch costume! So cute. Mia as a pumpkin is so sweet too.


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