Weekend Recap


Good morning, happy Monday! We had a fun and relaxing weekend mostly just hanging out at home. I can always tell it was a weekend that I was very present with my kids when I look back at my phone and we don't have that many pictures to share. It's a Mom win, but a blogger fail! I need to find that balance in my life. Right now I am in the kitchen listening to the coffee brew while Christmas music plays in the background. Yes I am that person and it's joyous! "You're in full Christmas mode, huh?" -Michael. Why yes, yes I am... :) 

The clock currently reads 5:30 and Mia has been awake since 5, and Ella is now tossing and waking up... Moms, don't you love time change? Ugh. Luckily Michael got up to feed Mia so I can drink my coffee and work on this post in peace. Okay, onto our weekend.

We had a lazy morning and stayed in our PJs for way too long. And why does my big girl look so big??? It is so bittersweet.

Ella is currently obsessed with puzzles, so we spent most of our day playing and rotating through puzzles. This one is her favorite and is the perfect jigsaw puzzle for toddlers as it's self correcting.


Saturday afternoon, Ella attended a birthday party for one of her classmates. It was at a little kids gym and she had so much fun! I was trying so hard to grab Ella's attention so she would LOOK at the camera, but of course, this is the best I got.

She had way too much sugar before we headed home.

The rest of the day we just played, cleaned and did random chores around the house. Lazy Saturdays are the best Saturdays, right?

Sunday was a little more productive, but not by much. Ella came with me to Target to grab cleaning supplies and random odds and ends we needed for the house. We also went to Ralphs to pick up our grocery order that I had placed online. I've been trying to do a bit more meal planning and it's very easy to fall off of it and we end up eating crap all week. So a grocery run was a must!

This week we're eating leftover curry, shrimp pasta, parmesan crusted cod, ground turkey enchiladas and grilled chicken shawarma. We love using the Hellofresh recipe index online to find yummy recipes. I like how they organize their recipes and they are typically easy and quick! You can take advantage of their recipes without even singing up, so definitely check it out.


Our mornings always start our slow... Eventually I get the girls dressed, and we spent lots of time just playing. My beautiful girls. It's amazing how much fun we can have just playing on the floor. It's so simple and makes Ella the happiest.

Ella Elsa and I did some painting. She absolutely loves painting and anything arts/crafts related. We worked on some Thanksgiving cards and talked about what we're thankful for. I explained to Ella that being thankful for something means something we love and are happy to have. She thought long and hard and came up with this...

I guess Mom and Dad didn't make the cut... HAHAHA. 

We also made a little pinecone turkey which was super cute. 


We enjoyed a little afternoon hot chocolate with whipped cream. Yum!

In the afternoon we decided to take the girls out to the park to get some fresh air. Unfortunately the playground was packed, so we made a last minute switch-up and went to the sculpture garden instead. Ella was not upset!

She loves running around.

And Mia enjoys watching... :)

We tried taking a nice photo together and of course, this is the face Ella makes. Thanks girly.

The weather was so pretty and very fall-like. I loved it so much! 

My little sweeties. 


She won't smile for a pic with her mother, but she will for this dog sculpture. It's fine, I'm fine.

Happy girl.

After the garden, we stopped at the mall. It was INSANE! I mean, SO packed. It was not even fun to be there. We left after maybe 15 minutes and just ordered pho for dinner instead. We picked it up and ended up eating it with Michael's parents at their place. We came home and the girls went to bed early because #timechange. Such a simple little weekend with my sweet family. 

And now we're about to start another week. Ella is in school Monday-Wednesday and I am going to be working my usual part-time hours. It's nice being able to work part time so I still get to be out of the house and work a little bit, but I can be there for my girls too. 

We hope you all had a great weekend too, and have a great week!!! We'll be back on Friday to share our favorites from the week. We'll see you then.

-Ashley xoxo 


  1. We were just going through pictures from last Thanksgiving and Christmas to remember how we spent the holiday and what we had to eat. It's a blogger life to have all the random photos

    1. I love it! I think that's the best part of blogging. We not only get to look back on old photos but we have context to those photos... so many fun memories we'll get to relive with the kiddos when they get older too!

  2. I had no idea Hello Fresh had recipes on online! Thanks for sharing! I am going to try that cod recipe.


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