Weekend Recap

 Hi everyone, Monday is here again! It seems to come so quickly, doesn't it? We have a busy week ahead, but we're ready for it. I am so excited to share our weekend with you. It was the perfect amount of busy with lots of relaxing too. (As much relaxing as you can do with 2 kids...) 

Friday was a great day, as Michael and I were both off with the girls. I had plans that evening with my girlfriends, but we had the rest of the day to play with the girls.

Every morning Ella likes to go outside to check out our little backyard friend, the spider. We call her Charlotte. She is actually the biggest spider I have ever seen in real life. We just went to see her this morning and watched her snag a fly and wrap him up in her web! 

Oh hello Charlotte.


Later in the morning I took Ella to the park for some mommy-daughter time. It was sooo hot outside, 90 degrees I believe. It was very odd listening to Christmas music on the radio and experiencing that kind of heat. 

We didn't last long at the park because of how warm it was outside. But we did stop for a cool treat afterwards...

Frozen yogurt with some fresh kiwi, mango and cherries- Yum!

My cuties did lots of playing together. Ella has been very into Frozen lately so we watched that together too.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and preparing for my friends' arrival. Ella went to Michael's parents house and Michael took care of Mia so I could hang with them peacefully. We had so many yummy snacks and some pizza too. Love hanging with my friends, just wish we had snapped a pic together!

Saturday we woke up not sure what our day would look like, but we talked and quickly figured it out. We decided to take the girls to the LA zoo for the day. Ella had been asking us to take her to the zoo for so long, so we finally said 'let's go!' It was over 90 degrees while we were there... But considering that, we stayed pretty comfortable and had a great time. 

Masks were not required, as you were only allowed in the park if you had your vaccination. It was nice to go somewhere without having to wear one and not feel guilty about it.

Ella HAD to ride the giant carousel. It was so large and beautiful! 

I didn't get a single good picture with the girls all day. Ella's always on the move and Mia is too busy watching her sister to pay attention to the camera. I'm just glad they were having a good time.



Poor Mia and that darn hat... haha! We later switched to a different hat that fit her better and sat still! 

See? Much better fit! And look at that handsome Dad... :) 

And Ella was beyond happy to get this hat back for herself.

We tried taking a selfie with the giraffe... my favorite animal! 

Ella loves snakes, lizards etc.


Before leaving, we had to stop for some yummy treats! Ice cream and churros...


Ella enjoyed both!

It was a fun but very tiring day. We packed a cooler for the car and we enjoyed cold pizza and grapes on the drive home from LA. Both girls passed out the entire drive and went to bed early.

Mia girl was especially exhausted. 

Sunday is our chore day. We always spend the day catching up on housework, meal prepping and just preparing for the week ahead. 

I made some homemade waffles. Some for the morning and the rest for the freezer for the rest of the week. Ella loves waffles but I figured making them myself with our healthier waffle batter would be better for her, and cheaper too. I made pumpkin chocolate chip waffles and blueberry-date-almond waffles. 

Ella had a pumpkin waffle with a dollop of whipped cream.

I made a cinnamon oat-milk coffee and watched the girls play, play, play.

Play time began in Mia's room and eventually we made our way to the playroom. 

Ella spent some time practicing her numbers.

She started her own little game and I just love her creativity. 

After Mia took a nap we headed to the park. Michael was at the gym, so he just met us at the park after he was done.

More gorgeous weather! 

We spent some time just hanging out under a tree to get some shade. Mia loves feeling the grass and observing the trees. 


Happy girls swinging!

We went for a walk around the park perimeter and Ella got tired of walking with me... So she hopped in the storage basket of our stroller. HAHA! 

We stopped for smoothies at Jamba Juice and Ella was complaining that she wanted food. Michael ran into the italian place and got her some pasta and meatballs. She was in heaven. 

Mia slept through lunch. 

Speaking of sleep, later in the afternoon when it was time for both girls to take their afternoon nap, Ella was begging us to let her and Mia nap together. We told her they definitely couldn't sleep in the same bed, as that's quite dangerous... but I did agree to let Mia sleep on her floor. It was so cute. Ella was so excited she couldn't even fall asleep so we ended up grabbing her from her room early while Mia just crashed. 

The rest of the day we spent grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and just enjoying these sweet girls.

It was such a nice weekend with beautiful weather, but I am definitely ready for it to cool down now. I look forward to cozy days spent in our home and bundling up to enjoy the holiday festivals and festivities in our area. Soon enough we'll be sharing holiday content and that is definitely my favorite! Thanks for hearing all about our weekend, we hope you have a nice week and we'll see you Friday for our favorites.

-Ashley xoxo 


  1. I love that Ella likes to go look at her spider friend. On the other hand, no he can leave. i don't do spiders.

    1. HAHA! I don't either... It creeps me out. She loves spiders, snakes, and reptiles... weird. That didn't come from me! lol

  2. Your girls are so sweet! They sure are growing up quickly!


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