My Dad Came to Visit (Part 2!)


Here is part 2 of my Dad's trip to visit us. If you missed part 1, you can read that here. We had a great time with him. It's hard living away from my family, so I try to enjoy the moments that we are together the best that I can. You'll notice Mia missing from many of these photos. We wanted her to stay well-rested and hydrated so we kept her home most of the time we were out. We spent many days just relaxing at home too, but when we did go out, it just seemed like she'd be miserable. Luckily Michael was off most of the week to help watch her, and when he couldn't his Mom did! 

We did lots of eating while my Dad was here...

On this Day my Dad and I were able to go have a nice lunch just the two of us. It was gorgeous weather, so we went to a seafood restaurant overlooking the bay.

Ella acted like Grampie has been here her whole life. It was so sweet to see how much she loved him. She had her shy moments but overall she was very comfortable with him which I thought was so sweet.


Grampie and his girls!

We did spend a morning at the aquarium which was fun. The Aquarium of the Pacific has recently expanded and there's so much to see/do, you could spend hours there. We always just go for an hour or two, but we still have a great time.

One of the newest features is this area where the kids can color in a sea creature on a tablet, and their creation shows up live on the screen.

The waterfall feature has always been one of Ella's favorites. I remember taking her here when she could barely walk. 

Ella insisted on wearing a bandaid across her forehead, as usual. And no she didn't have a cut/bruise or boo boo there. She just likes to rock the band-aid. 


We made Grampie feed the birds. 

And of course, we had to take a picture with our favorite penguin! 

We spent the rest of the day shopping at the Pike Outlets, and then had lunch before heading home for the day.

Some days we spent most of the time at the house, and we'd sneak out for a quick stretch and maybe a treat.

We went to this shopping/eatery complex in Long Beach so Ella could burn some energy and we could enjoy the warm weather. It's hard to believe it was ever warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt because right now it's so cold here!

We love the water fountain.

And their ice cream shop! :P

Our final big adventure was to San Juan Capistrano.

I think it's one of the cutest places ever, I love it so much!

Ella was really excited to be there, obviously! Haha!

First we went to the Mission.

This was a gorgeous church. 

So pretty, right?

I make my Dad take all the tourist-y pics.

I love how beautiful their streets are... just flowers and little lights wherever you go.

After the Mission, we took Ella somewhere a little more her style. Zoomars!

The cutest pumpkin patch set up.

And of course, a train ride for my girl.

Her little arms crossed. I can't! 

So much fun for my girl!


As you can see, my girls adore my Dad and we had such a great time when he was here. I really hope our family is able to go to Maine to see the rest of the crew, but it really seems like us going is just not in my favor. It began with the pandemic, and then not wanting to travel while pregnant during a pandemic. Once Mia was born, I really didn't want to travel with a newborn and a toddler (during a pandemic) and now that things are finally slowing down, flights are being cancelled left and right. I can't get stranded anywhere with my kids, so now I'm nervous about that. It feels like I will never get to Maine... :(  Hopefully soon... 

I am just thankful my Dad was able to visit us safely and we had such an amazing time while he was here! 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful trip with you dad. I love all the photos and love that just the two of you did some things. I hope you are able to get to Maine soon.


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