Favorite Easter Activities


Good morning, and happy Friday. It's been a busy week, and I didn't get a lot documented. So today instead of sharing our favorite moments from the week I am sharing some activities we've been doing lately. If you're a Mom of a little one you'll appreciate this! If you don't have kids, you might want to skip this one... :) 

Many of these activities are easy to put together using simple materials from craft store or the dollar store. We have been rotating through these activities on our shelf the last couple of weeks and I finally decided to make a post to show you guys what we've been up to! If you follow us on Instagram you've probably seen most of these already! :) 

Color matching eggs. 

Ella has pretty much mastered snapping the two halves together, so I wanted to challenge her a little. I glued the bottom half of the eggs to this colorful base (just floral paper wrapped around a foam block.) She then has to snap the matching half on top but doesn't have the ability to hold the bottom half of the egg in her hand. It's pretty challenging for her, but it's good fine motor / problem-solving practice! 

Bunny transferring.

Use our tongs, Ella transfers these bunny erasers from the basket to the ice tray. This is an activity we do all the time with various objects, but Ella really enjoys doing it. 

Bubble foam.

We did this the other day and Ella loved it! I just blended up some water, dish soap and food coloring to make this colorful blue foam. I added easter eggs and a bowl of water so she could transfer the eggs, and then wash them off.

Decorating Easter Tree.

I got this mug rack on Amazon for pretty inexpensive, and Ella loves using the hanging eggs to decorate it. We can easily keep this activity around for other holidays too, just changing up what 'hanging' decoration we use.

Match & Snap Easter Eggs.

We saw this on Instagram and knew we had to try it. Ella loves searching for the matching pieces and snapping them together. These eggs have actual images on them and some of the eggs are the same color, so it's more like a puzzle for her vs just color matching.

Gluing Bunny's Tail.

A super easy one to set up. I just hand drew these bunny outlines on some construction paper, drew a circle where the tail should be and gave Ella some cotton balls and glue. She loves using glue but still struggles to squeeze the glue bottle. It's great practice for her! 

Easter Egg Rescue.

Using some fake eggs, a plastic bin and some painters tape, we were able to make a fun little game for Ella. She worked between the tape to scoop out the eggs and place them in the correct container. The tape frustrated her a bit and she asked me to take it off. Use more or less to create the perfect challenge for your toddler.

Modified versions:

Sensory Bin with Colored Rice.

Sensory bins are a great way to entertain your toddler and so important developmentally. We made some colored rice for our sensory bin and it was super easy! We just added 1 cup of white rice, 1 tsp water and 10 drops of food coloring to a large baggy. I sealed it, shook it well and let it dry overnight on a flat baking sheet. We got this food dye and love it.

Counting with Carrots.

Ella works on transferring the appropriate number of carrots. If I show her the "1" she transfers one carrot from the left side to the right side. Moving things from left to right in this manner is the very beginning of writing work. This is also a great way to practice our counting and number identification.

This one is a bit different and more challenging. Ella is supposed to put the correct number of bunnies in each carrot based on the displayed number. 

Feeding the Bunny.

We found an old box, glued some paper to the top and printed out a bunny image. Simply glue it to the top and cut a hole out for the mouth. Ella loved this so much! She was feeding her bunny carrots (they are felt stickers from Dollar Tree) over and over again.

Color Matching.

We just used the colored dot stickers and the tic-tac-toe game from her Easter basket to make this color identification game. I am not very good at hiding things from Ella because she found this from her Easter Basket and asked me to open it. It was a day that I chose not to argue so I just gave in. Luckily she's been using it for this activity and loving it. 

Egg Transfer using Tongs.

A simple egg transfer game using egg tongs (Target.)

Playdough Tray.
Themed playdough trays are always a hit around here. You can add whatever fun 'extra' stuff you want, but we like to keep it fairly simple. The Dollar Tree has so many great items for these trays. I always stock up on seasonal items so we never run out.

Thanks for checking out our latest activities. We plan to document our weekend and will be sharing here... And then starting next week it'll be all things SPRING, which is very exciting! :) 

-Ashley & Ella


I appreciate and love all questions and comments!