Weekend Recap


Hello friends. Happy Monday! We hope you had an amazing weekend and are ready for a fresh new week. I have to work 4 days again this week and I'll be honest, I'm not ready for it. Now that I am 35 weeks along, I am 100% on the struggle bus. I'm exhausted and sore, and will be thankful to stop working at the end of the month. Despite feeling blah, I am chugging along and trying to enjoy these final moments of pregnancy and finals days of Ella being an only child. We had quite the fun weekend, and it was definitely the busiest one we've had in a while. 


I was exhausted after work on Friday, but am also really trying to soak up these final weekends as a family of three. I know once Mia arrives, we are going to basically be quarantined at home again, so it's important that we get out and live as much as possible while we still have time. Michael wanted to go get some sunglasses at Warby Parker, so we decided to make it a family dinner date/shopping trip.


Ella loves her some miso soup! She ate a whole bowl by herself, along with a stuffed mushroom and a few bites of our cooked sushi rolls. 

After dinner, we headed to 2nd & PCH so Michael could look at sunglasses.

This girl loves her Daddy! 

We waited outside for Michael.


Ella was being silly as usual.

Ella claimed Daddy's old glasses once he got his new ones.

We couldn't end the night without getting this girl a little treat. It's hard to say no to her sweet little face.

But I did say no when she tried to stick her hands in the water fountain... :)


Saturday morning I took Ella to the duck park while Michael worked out at home.

We brought some bird seed to feed to the ducks, as we read that was a safe food for them. They were not interested. But the squirrels were!


The playground area was empty, so we stopped and Ella played for a bit. Everything was wet and Ella couldn't have cared less. She got so dirty, but had so much fun!

Dancing in the sunshine!

After the park, I stopped at a local donut shop so Ella could get a 'pink donut' per her request. 

Later in the day I had a 4D Ultrasound scheduled. My doctor told me they weren't going to do another ultrasound unless there was a complication. I hadn't had once since week 20 and I really wanted to see what our girl looked like. So I found a place that was doing them and even though it was pricey, it was so worth it.


She was sucking on her toes! She looks just like Ella did in her 4-D Ultrasound. I can't wait to meet her in person.

We went to Ikea to pick up this play kitchen for Ella. We converted it to a 'functional' kitchen, so she can prepare snacks here, get water etc. It's so cute. I will do a whole post on this later, but it's a very "Montessori" thing and I have been itching to do it forever. 

We came home to a couple of packages. My friends had bought us gifts for Mia off of my registry, which was so sweet and unnecessary. We put the little bouncer seat together and of course Ella claimed it as hers and immediately put bunny inside.

The rest of the night was low-key and we spent it at home relaxing.


Our busiest day in a while.... We decided to take Ella to San Juan Capistrano for a bit of fun. Everything was outdoors and it was the most perfect day!

A patient told me about this place and told me it was a great place for during the pandemic, as it was completely outdoors and very Covid compliant. He also thought Ella would love it! He was right.


We went to a petting zoo where Ella got to hold and feed some guinea pigs. 

It was quite possibly the cutest thing I had ever seen. I was so surprised how nice and mellow the guinea pigs were.


Ella also got to see some bunnies, pigs, an emu, horses, llamas and a cow.


Ella was mildly scared of this guy but he was really friendly and we got to feed him too.

Ella got to ride on the train, but adults weren't allowed on (which I didn't realize when I promised her she could go on it.) I thought she would have bawled her eyes out when it took off, but she did SO good. She absolutely loved it.

Look at my big girl! 

Unfortunately she was too young to ride the pony... :( But hopefully when she turns 3 we can come back and try it.

After lunch, we walked around and enjoyed this cute place. It was so precious, I wish I had more pictures.  

We stopped at this restaurant that had outdoor dining and was very family-friendly.

Ella was grateful for the crayons, and let's be honest, I was too!

Ella got some macaroni and cheese with a side of veggies. It was all super hot, so I spooned little bits of out to her on a plate as it cooled. 

We also got a flatbread pizza, some roasted brussel sprouts and Michael ordered a steak sandwich.

After lunch, we stopped at a playground so Ella could play for a bit.

She liked riding this pretend horse, especially since she didn't get to ride the real one! 

And a quick mask-less family selfie before we headed home.

Quite a fun weekend, and probably the last one we'll have like this before Mia's arrival. Thanks for following along. I hope to be back Friday with some favorites from the week (if I can remember to take pics!) 

Have a great week!

-Ashley & Ella


  1. What a wonderful weekend! I love that you all are able to get out and about a bit as a family of 3 before baby arrives. The petting zoo looks like so much fun!


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