Shelfie Sunday

 Hi all! Just jumping on here to share our shelf activities from the week. I am not currently doing any 'themed' shelves, and just focusing on materials that will help Ella develop particular skills, or things that she shows high interest in. 

I linked the materials for you guys, and they are affiliate links! Thank you for your support! 

Some of the activities on this week's shelf are from last week, as Ella was still showing interest in them. If Ella is still showing a high interest in something, or is close to mastering an activity- I keep it in the rotation! 

On top of our shelf we have...  

The Melissa & Doug getting dressed puzzle isn't new in our household, but I haven't put it out for her very much. Ella loves this one, and it has quickly become a favorite of hers. She likes getting them dressed and then practices zipping, lacing and buckling. I couldn't find this exact puzzle online, but I found a similar one here.

We also have Ella's plant and watering can to practice taking care of her environment. 

The stacking and nesting cups are always fun whenever I take them out.

The lacing log is from a small shop in Seal but Amazon has several similar objects available. 

The shapes bean bags and worksheet for matching is back on our shelf this week. And Ella has been loving it.

I love watching her work!

We have a little story basket to go with one of Ella's favorite books... The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Our stacking flowers are such a cheap activity (less than 9$), and are easily her favorite material on the shelf right now. I highly recommend getting some of these.

The buckle and latch pillow has been mastered but is still a favorite, so we keep it in rotation.

We found these little trash and recycle containers at Dollar Tree and I knew I could come up with a sorting activity with them. Ella is obviously too young to truly understand trash vs recyclable objects, so I labeled each bin with a colored sticker and labeled various laminated images with the appropriate colors. Eventually we will take away the stickers, once she understands what belongs where.

And last but not least are her insect/bug figurines with matching language cards. 

We hope you got some ideas of activities you can do with your toddler too!  We will see you back tomorrow for a little weekend recap.

-Ashley & Ella

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  1. I love all of these ideas. I know Ella has so much fun! I love that she has so many opportunities for independent playtime. I wish I did more of these kinds of activities when my kids were small!


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