Friday Favorites


TGIF. I have to work from 7-4 today, so I am keeping this brief. Just wanted to jump on and share some favorites from our week with you. :)



I had a check up this week. I am 34.5 weeks per their records but based on my calculations, they are about a week off. So we are getting really really close! We have been doing small things to prepare for baby girl. My plan over the next few weeks is to have everything ready, just in case! 



Ella has been very into giving her toys and babies a bath lately. I will set up a washing station for her and she just loves it. She has trouble keeping the water IN the bath though, so it does create quite the mess for me. But it entertains her for 15+ minutes, so it's a favorite activity of mine as well.


We finally splurged and got Ella a little kitchen to use as a 'functional kitchen' and it has become a favorite for Ella. She loves preparing snacks there and having access to all of her dishes and cups when she needs them. Even though we always had those things accessible to her in our kitchen, I think she likes that she has her own space.

She prepared herself a strawberry snack the other dya. So sweet! 


I have been trying to make more 'fun' foods for Ella lately, and she loves it. If you follow me on Instagram, I share a lot of our foods there. This bunny fried egg was a favorite.


Spring crafts have been a hit around here. I plan to do a whole post sharing some of our favorites so far (maybe next week) but this is a sneak peek! Most of our favorites have been easy DIYs, which is great!


Momma's favorites these days? Cucumbers, everything bagels and crushed ice. So bizarre! I was never an ice person, in fact- I used to prefer my water closer to room temperature. But since getting pregnant I want ice in everything and I have been chewing it. As a hygienist, I know this is terrible for your teeth! I hope this habit disappears after birth, haha! 


Evening trips to the park have become a favorite of Ella's. I barely have enough energy to take her, but she has so much fun so I really try.


How could I say no when she has that much fun???


Ella wanted a picture with the baby the other day. "No Mommy. Ella and baby." My belly looks massive in this photo! 

Then she wanted pictures of us sleeping together. Hahaha! You can see the little smirk on her face. She thought these pictures were so funny.


Our plan for dinner Wednesday night was to grill some salmon. Michael unfortunately had to work late, so we ordered pizza instead. I wasn't upset, pizza is my fave! Ella and I had dinner on the couch and watched a movie. It was lovely because Wednesday night I was just exhausted. Leftover pizza and other random stuff served as dinner the next night too, so we're finally going to grill up salmon tonight. 

That's all I have for favorites this week. Next week I plan to share a bit about how we've prepared for baby Mia so far! I can't wait to share it all with you! Have a great weekend! xo

-Ashley & Ella 


  1. You look so cute with your belly. Ella is getting so big and going to be such an awesome big sister.

  2. I've always been an ice chewer and I've been told more than once it signifies an iron deficiency (though I think that's an old wives tale I was always deficient in iron).

    1. I think that's true actually! I know a lot of pregnant women suffer from Pica and it's usually due to a deficiency of some kind. My most recent blood work said I was okay!! I've been eating more red meat in hopes it will help. I think I just like the cold :D

  3. Your crafts are always so adorable! I know Ella has so much fun with what you create for her. The baby bump/Ella photo is a framer! So sweet. I love her play kitchen! So perfect. Have a great week.


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