Easter Sunday Fun

 Good morning friends. I am here to share our Easter pictures with you. I was really hoping to capture some cute ones of Ella in her floral Easter dress, and take some good pictures of the family. However, Ella had a mini meltdown over her outfit and didn't want to wear the dress or brush her hair. I decided not to make her, hence her appearance... haha. Despite that, we all had a great day. It's not what most of you would consider a 'traditional' Easter, as we definitely celebrate more of the commercialized Easter... but it's a lot of fun with a little one. Here is a roundup of pics.

The plan was to make Easter bunny pancakes for breakfast, but Ella wanted Greek yogurt instead. So I added some sprinkles to make it a little more fun!

After breakfast we went hunting for her Easter basket...

Go here to see what we put inside her basket!


She found it and was really excited! We immediately started the egg hunt, as she started spotting eggs hidden all over and wanted to open them up!

For some reason, watching her hunt for the eggs was the cutest thing I had ever seen. It's hard to believe next Easter we will have two cutie pies getting baskets together.


Here she is showing off her basket full of eggs! And of course, she had to open all of them to find out what was hidden inside. I did a mix of chocolates, felt stickers and threw in a couple of rubber ducks.

So colorful and fun! Those stickers are going to be so fun for Spring activities.

Later in the morning we dyed Easter eggs. 

This is the SECOND year in a row I bought brown eggs instead of white by accident. Epic fail! Ella didn't seem to notice or care, and had fun dipping and then eating the eggs.


We used water and food coloring to make our dyes. Ella also dipped her wooden eggs that she got in her basket. 

This is when we had the meltdown. I tried getting her dressed and ready for the day and she was NOT having it. She said the dress was itchy, so I did not make her wear it.

This was Ella's chosen ensemble instead. She still looked cute to me but I would have liked to at least brushed her hair...

Me: Ella smile! 
Ella: -_-

This is life with a two year old! Haha!

Ella requested a trip to the park, so we went. This is another park within our neighborhood but it's a fit further than the one we usually go to. She loves this one because there's a little bridge that she can run across- and there's also usually less people from our experience.

After the park we drove to the Korean market to pick up the ingredients for our Easter lunch.

Hot pot! I was never a big fan of this but lately I can't get enough. 


Ella liked it too! She had a ton of noodles, some tofu and meat and a few bites of veggies. After lunch we were all exhausted and it was nap time for our girl.

Being silly before her nap! 


I love Ella right after a nap. She used to wake up super grumpy, but lately she's been waking up in a sweet and cuddly mood. These days, I try to rest when she naps, as I know my down time is about to come to an end in just 6-7 weeks.

Ella requested a visit to the duck park, so we obliged as the weather was gorgeous. Unfortunately our typical spot was absolutely PACKED and we could not possibly stop. We knew of another park with ducks near Michael's parents, so we drove there instead. There were a lot of families having barbecues, but luckily it's spacious enough that we felt comfortable stopping.

Getting a little love from my girl!

Ella had lots of fun at the park. And afterward, Daddy told us we could stop for frozen yogurt. Ella was PUMPED! (Like she hadn't had enough sugar for the day, right?)

Yum Yogurtland!

And a picture with the turtle statue before heading home, Ella's favorite! :) 

Overall, it was a really fun day! We are trying to squeeze in as much fun for Ella as we can before baby #2 arrives. I know the first few weeks with a newborn will make leaving the house tougher. Today we are heading to the aquarium with my friend Samantha and we are so excited. We hope everyone has a great week. We will be back on Friday to share our favorite moments from the week!

-Ashley & Ella


  1. It looks like such a fun Easter. Your lunch looks amazing, and Ella looks like she had so much fun! Have a great week.


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