Amazon Lately

Hi everyone! We are popping in today to share some of our most recent Amazon purchases... Not much, but a few fun things this time around... And one thing I am SO excited to get in the mail. This post does contain affiliate links- thank you for your support and please see disclosure for more information.

We have no real 'home' for our mail and it drives me insane. I saw this magnetic mail organizer  and knew we needed it for our fridge. I think having it on the fridge will A. give the mail a home and B. force me to go through it regularly. I miss having my desk space!

A Magnetic White Board

In addition to our new mail organization system for our fridge, we are also going to add a magnetic white board, for easy note taking. I'm hoping the white board helps us jot down reminders of food we are out of, as well as chores we need to get done that day. Can't wait to get this in the mail!

Michael and I are always running out of fresh herbs before our next planned grocery store trip. It drives me crazy when the only thing I am missing for a delicious meal is cilantro. We have talked about growing our own for years... well now we're going to try. I ordered this herb growing kit and I hope we can find a good home for it that allows enough sunlight.

Stuffed Bunny

The other day Ella dropped her bunny outside and got it dirty. We had to wash it and Ella was NOT happy.... we knew we needed a back-up but my Meme got Ella her bunny last year and we had no clue where to find another one. I finally found it on Amazon and ordered the last 2 in stock!

Ms. Monopoly

The only monopoly game Amazon had in stock... but women make more money! Hahaha! That's a game I can get behind! :P It's super cheap right now, less than 9$. Perfect quarantine gift for your feminist friends!

100 Pack of Balloons

Ella absolutely loves playing with balloons, especially passing them back and forth. I just went for it and bought this pack of 100. I also want to experiment making a balloon arch of some form, so maybe I will play around with that just for fun during this quarantine.

And that's all for now. We hope you and your family are safe, healthy & happy. We will be back later this week to share a day in the life post (as long as I remember to document everything!)


  1. I never seem to have herbs, either. A little growing kit would be so nice!

    1. I am so excited to try it Emily! I already received it in the mail and am going to set it up today. I will do a follow up post to let you all know how it goes :)

  2. Cant wait to see what you think of the herb garden as you use it!

  3. Replies
    1. Michael didn't like it! He said 'it wasn't fair.' Women get more money when they pass Go too! LOL. I said, welcome to the life of a woman, where we get paid less just because of our gender!!!


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