A Day in the Life -- Quarantine Edition

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Today I am linking up with Heather at My Glittery Heart and other bloggers for their Hello Monday link up. Today we are sharing a day in the life with you. I wanted to document an entire day in quarantine, so that one day I can look back on this and see what our days were really like. (Although I'm sure I won't forget!) I will never find regular life 'boring' again, at least I hope not! This day ended up being anything but typical, as you'll see when you read along... Yikes! Enjoy, and if you make it to the end, you're a saint!

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 I first woke up around 5:30. I tossed and turned a bit before deciding to just get up for the day... This is the earliest I have woken up during this entire ordeal.

I browsed through Facebook, Instagram and played my new Design Home game on my phone... it's my newest addiction. If you like interior design, download this game! It's free but you can purchase things within the app if you decide. I also brewed a pot of coffee for the morning.

I did some reading on my Kindle in bed... I'm currently reading Sandcastle Cottage by a good friend of mine. It's her first novel and it is a young adult book, but so far it's cute and so reminds me of the beach vacations her and I used to take together in high school! Huge shout out to her if she's reading this :) 

I brushed my teeth and washed my face! My pajamas are the Lauren Conrad line at Kohls and I am obsessed... I have two different pairs. Will try to find a link for them for you guys.

Ella woke up around 6:45. I grabbed her, some stuffed animals at her request and a fresh diaper to change her into. In the mornings I usually just lay down a blanket and change her on the couch #realtalk


I changed her diaper and filled up her cup! Ella enjoyed a sippy cup of milk on the couch and some snuggles with Minnie Mouse!

I got her bowl of dried cheerios and blueberries while she watched a few Simple Songs. Ella loves starting her morning off with music & cartoons and a pre-breakfast snack... As you'll see, she literally eats all day long. 

Ella decided she wanted to do some reading, so we found a cozy spot on the floor of her choice to read some books. 

Blurry photos because #Momlife 

Morning selfie with Michael (who slept in.) This is not a flattering photo of either of us...haha! But I always promise to keep it real.


We made pancakes for breakfast! Ella wanted some more blueberries too! I love this Whole Grain pancake mix- it's very hearty and healthier than a traditional pancake.

Ella also tried feeding herself a yogurt too but gave up after a few bites, so we saved it for later. We got her bib at Ikea and her spoons on Amazon here.

I took advantage of Ella sitting still and cut her nails while she explored the iPad!

I did a few dishes from the morning. Our sink is tiny and we have to stay on top of it all day long.

Ella played with her make up set while Momma cleaned up!

After breakfast and cleaning up, I brushed Ella's hair and teeth, we all got dressed in our activewear and then made the beds really quick.


Ella's crib somewhat cleaned up. She sleeps with a million stuffed animals and blankets, but I always feel better if the crib is cleaned and organized every morning.

I made our bed very quickly. (As you can see my sidekick was trying to unmake it as I tried to make it, sigh.) Michael's unorganized night stand to the left is making me cringe.


We took Ella outside and let her walk for a bit down our street. Then we put on our masks, put Ella in her jogging stroller and ran a couple of miles.

Post-run selfie... I was sweaty and look like a tomato!!

The weather was actually really nice, so we decided to stay outside and play while Michael took a shower.

Some kinetic sand fun (an activity I def prefer outside.) 


Sweet girl got lucky when the dump truck drove by. She loves watching the truck pick up trash! She waved to the driver and everything. Kids just love big trucks... I remember liking them too when I was younger.

We headed inside, I did a few exercises with the kettlebell and then showered/got ready for the day... Getting ready despite having nowhere to go makes my days feel a little more 'normal.'

This is my current make-up organization. Do you think I need a better system? Hahaha!!! 

It was around 10 and Ella was patting her stomach asking for a snack. 

A string cheese and a mini naan for her. While she ate I used the leftover morning coffee to make an iced coffee for myself.

Ella munched on her morning snack and I worked on a grocery list and spent a few moments in my crossword puzzle book. I am an old soul if you can't tell! :)


Meanwhile Michael whipped up an omelette for himself, and I stole around half... haha! It was so yummy!!! He does intermittent fasting, so he always starts to eat a bit later than we do.

The rest of the morning was full of play time and total apartment destruction. 

We also had some playdough fun!

And did some playing with her Melissa & Doug sticker barn.

We go through a rotation of her favorite activities... She loves playing with her toys!

While Ella played inside with Michael, I threw in some laundry... Yes that's our washer... #apartmentliving. Each load costs us $3.25, it's wonderful! -_- I envy all of your beautiful laundry rooms!

Ella requested another family walk, so we took her out. She walked for almost a mile... This girl LOVES to walk it is absolutely insane. An older gentleman that must live near us saw us across the street and said "did she walk all that way by herself? She's going to sleep good later." And I swear he jinxed us because that's when everything went downhill. Remember this moment!

And a mask-less selfie. As you can see, Ella was NOT impressed, hahaha!

After our walk, Michael and Ella played while I prepared Ella's lunch. It feels like all I do all day is walk, cook and clean haha.

Ella's lunch was white rice, raspberries, and a tofu bled with mushrooms, broccoli and squash spirals. 

After lunch is when I take Ella to her room to clean her up, change her diaper and wind her down for her nap... We read and sing for close to 30 minutes before I put her down and she usually goes to sleep with no issues and will nap for 2 full hours.

Lots of reading and snuggles but no sleep. Ella spent about 5 minutes in her crib before she started bawling. Because this is so unlike her, I thought maybe she wasn't tired yet? So we let her stay up a bit longer and would try in 20 minutes.

Michael played with her and read to her so I could get some stuff done... (the things I had planned while she napped.)

I set up our new white board on the fridge and made a list of things we need to do soon.

I opened my herb growing kit and read over the instructions. I soaked the seeds overnight as instructed, so we'll see how that goes.

Swiffered the bathroom floor, wiped down the counter/sink, cleaned the mirror and cleaned the toilet.

I scrubbed our stove. It gets so dirty so fast... I use baking soda and lemon juice paste and it works like a charm! 

And I picked up Ella's toys.

We made a second attempt to put Ella down for a nap and she was just not having it... I feel like she is beyond the age of crying it out... I just can't do it. I told Michael we would just take her for a drive, which usually does the trick and it allows us out of the house for a bit!

Operation make Ella nap!

And guess what... she didn't sleep! In fact, the second we took her out of her car seat she threw up everywhere... :( I have a feeling she gets major motion sickness like me (hence why I always drive) but it's possible she had not been feeling well and that's why she wouldn't sleep earlier. I'm still not sure.

We took her inside, changed her into something comfy and let her rest while watching a movie. 

This girl loves to snuggle with her Dadda!

While those two snuggles, I folded the laundry from earlier.

I did some dishes and eventually folded a second load of laundry. 

Overall, we had a pretty lazy afternoon/early evening since Ella was clearly not feeling her best and had not slept at all! We just let her watch movies and play with her toys at her leisure. 

Michael and I were starving since we sort of skipped lunch, so he started making our dinner early. Apparently when Ella skips her nap, our entire daily schedule goes out the window... including appropriate meal times haha. 

I was shocked but Ella begged for dinner when she saw it ready, I was nervous because of the fact that she had thrown up a few hours before, but we let her eat. She loves spaghetti so much and seemed to be feeling 100% herself. I am pretty certain she just got motion sick because it's the third time she's thrown up after being in the car.

After cleaning up dinner and cleaning up Ella, we decided to take another stroll before it got too chilly... 

And guess who finally fell asleep??? It was around 5:30 when she fell asleep in the stroller so Michael and I had a decision to make. Wake her up, bath her and attempt to put her back to sleep in an hour or so, or just let her sleep through. I knew there was a chance she would be up at 3-4 am if we let her sleep right through, but I couldn't wake up my baby. We took her inside and I rocked her for 20 minutes and put her in her crib. (She ended up sleeping until 6:15 the next day!!!)

Out like a light!!! And this is where my documenting failed because the rest of the day was pretty boring...

I put away the 2 loads of laundry, cleaned up Ella's books and her mess from outside while Michael picked up the mess from dinner. The rest of the night looked like a lot of internet browsing, Netflix and chatting with my friends on my phone.


We usually have to bathe Ella and keep her entertained until 7:30/8 before putting her to bed, and by that time I am usually exhausted. An early bedtime for her was actually a nice little break for us, especially since we didn't get to enjoy her usual nap time. Michael stayed up realllllly late playing poker online with his friends and I fell asleep on the couch around 9:30. Ha! Told you I'm an old soul! 

That was our day in quarantine! As you can see, taking family walks is really the only fun outside activity we can do together, and even then we have to wear a mask. We have stopped going for drives because of our suspicions on Ella getting motion sick. As 'boring' as our day may seem, we really enjoy the simple and special time together. I encourage you all to do a day in the life post during your quarantine, so you'll have those memories to look back on!

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  1. I love reading day-in-the-life posts! Your little girl is so cute and you seem so patient with her.

    1. I love them too, that's why I try to document them fairly regularly!!! Plus I love going back and reading them again!!! Thank you so much, she is my whole world and I love her so much!!!

  2. So glad it was most likely just morning sickness and not the start of a nasty bug. How nice that she slept right through the night going down so early like that!

  3. Hope she's feeling better, whenever I document a day in the life, something crazy like that happens!

    1. Thank you! She is doing great. I am pretty convinced it's motion sickness because it's happened 3 times and both me and my father get severe motion sickness... so it definitely runs in the family.
      Day in the life posts end up never being 'normal' days :)

  4. I love your old soul! I need to get a crossword puzzle book now ;) I'm already in bed by 9:30 too lol. Poor Ella & her motion sickness though, I had a childhood friend who struggled with that and she always wore sea bands in the car, I think that is what they were called.


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