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Hi everyone! I am going to be take you on a little tour today of our nursery. It's a small space, but my favorite room in our home. When I first found out I was pregnant I was ecstatic, obviously. We had only 'tried' once and it was a total shock to see that I was already pregnant. After the excitement came fear and worry. We lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment with neighbors above and next to us. How could I possibly bring home a newborn to our apartment with paper thin walls?! Our second bedroom was already set up as an office and packed full of stuff, where would the baby sleep?

After my mild panic attack, I calmed myself down and was determined to figure it out. We had to purge a lot of random stuff that we had in our 'office' and find new homes for a lot of it. All of our work out equipment went into our bedroom, including Michael's TWO bikes. -_- They are bikes, don't they belong outside? He will argue that no, they do not. We did end up giving one away to a friend and the other is still sitting in my bedroom. As you can tell, I am thrilled...

We decided that having a complete nursery was more important than having an office space, so we took our desk apart and moved it into the closet. We relocated the filing cabinet and printer into our bedroom, as I we still need to file things and I use the printer fairly often. Once all the extra 'stuff' was removed from that second bedroom, it was a lot easier to envision a nursery.

It's a small room, but compared to what it looked like before, I am extremely happy. I wasn't sure that I would even have this little space, and I am so glad I do. This is what the room looks like when you first walk in...

Glider | Crib | Dresser

Because we are renting and can't paint, I decided to hang a floor to ceiling curtain against the back wall in Ella's room. I wanted some color and this was the easiest way to do that. It makes the room feel a lot warmer and cozier. We used to have a beautiful large area rug in this space, but it sustained some water damage so we had to get rid of it. Now we just have a small area rug in front of the crib.

We keep this stand at the foot of the crib and right next to the door. It holds her white noise machine (hidden) her diaper caddy/changing supplies, and her night time books.

We rotate her books weekly so she never gets bored of them.

These are some of her favorites that we have out right now. The previous picture was taken a couple weeks ago! 

Above the crib we have this beautiful quilt from Land of Nod that was gifted to us. I love it so much and can't wait to make her bed with this quilt one day. For now, we use it as a wall decoration. You can also see our camera monitor on the wall. It was inexpensive and has worked wonderful for us.

Ella's crib is my favorite piece of furniture in our entire apartment, I love it so much! The crocheted blanket was a gift from a patient of mine. SO sweet!

Ella sleeps with a million stuffed animals and blankets. But this is the inside of the crib when it's actually picked up!

You can see all of Ella's stuffed animals hiding beside the glider. Every night she asks me to put each of them in her crib and then she points to her crib asking to join them. Too funny.

The glider was a gift from the family I worked for as their nanny. I've spent a lot of time with Ella in that glider. I read books to her, sing to her and rock her in that chair every night.

Ella's Dyson was a gift from Michael's parents and it is such an amazing product. We set the temperature every night so that Ella is warm enough. The fan setting actually helps keep Ella's room cool and circulated in the Summer time too. I feel comfortable as it is very safe to set and leave on all night for her. Her scentsy was a gift from my Aunt Lina and we love it so much. We do most diaper changes in Ella's room so we need that thing!

We used to have Ella's dresser set up as a changing table with her changing pad on top. We realized as soon as Ella became mobile that this was not a safe or convenient changing place for her. Now, we keep the changing pad to the side and we change her on the floor. The dresser holds Ella's pajamas in the top drawer, extra blankets in the middle and the bottom drawer holds her socks & extra shoes.

Ella's other clothes are stored in her closet.  We're lucky Ella has such a big closet because we have the other sides of her closet packed FULL. We use the center portion of the closet to store Ella's clothes, and the rest stores everything else. We need to go through her closet and get rid of some stuff, but a lot of it is baby gear that we're saving for the next one... :)

I use a jewelry organizer for her bows and headbands. 

We always keep a stack of books on her dresser next to the rocker, ready for pre-sleep reading!!! 

We use this fabric bin to hold her extra stuffed animals. We have one in our living room for our shoes and we love it.

A sweet sign from my friend Bailey.

And that's our sweet girl's nursery.  It may not seem like much and it's certainly doesn't look like a home design magazine cover, but it's cozy, sweet and all Ella. Thanks for checking out our quick little tour today.

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  1. You did great making a small space cozy and cute!

  2. I love that you hung the ceiling to floor curtains to make the nursery even cozier, it is the perfect space for sweet Ella!


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