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Hi friends! Once again I am linking up with my friend Adrienne to share another peek into a specific area of our lives. Today we are looking at our cars! If you haven't seen already, these are our previous link ups...

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We would be elated to have you join us! All you have to do is grab our main graphic to share in your post and scroll to the bottom of today's post to link up with us. We link up the last Thursday of every month if you're interested in future topics! Next month is going to be my FAVORITE- I am obsessed with pantries.

I apologize in advance for how filthy my car is and I'm a little embarrassed to share these pics ha. I was going to vacuum and clean it right before this link up and I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't get the chance. The lighting makes it look SO dirty but I promise it doesn't feel or look that bad in real life... at least I hope not.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Color Options | Baierl Toyota

Okay... Let's take a look at my car! My 2018 Toyota Rav4! This car was a gift from my in-laws after I gave birth to Ella. Do I have the best in-laws in the entire world? Yes, yes I do! I didn't share a personal photo of my car because it's absolutely filthy right now and needs a wash... :)

Okay, so at the front...

I love the Bath & Body Works vent clip air fresheners!

I also have this magnetic phone mount. I think I got it at CVS??

Usually this area will have gum or mints, but now this area includes hand sanitizer and medical masks! I also keep a container of loose change and my phone charger of course.

My center console...

Lip gloss, mascara, bubbles for Ella, a pen, 2 hair ties and some lotion.

In the second compartment I keep napkins, loose cords, tampons and my only CD that I own... Bruno Mars! 

In the back...

I bought this organizer for the backseat (similar here.) I keep all of Ella's stuff in there- extra diapers, a hat, snacks, toys, etc. I need to get rid of that paci as she hasn't used one in months and we don't need it anymore. We also keep a white noise machine back there, just in case we take a long trip and she needs a nap. She isn't as dependent on the white noise as she used to be though.

We love Ella's car seat. She also has fan and a mirror back there. The pink thing is her shopping cart cover, which we stopped using but will probably be busting this back out once we go shopping in person again.

We keep this cover on her window to help block out the sun. 

To the trunk...

My trunk is so packed and needs a good vacuuming. I keep Ella's Bravo stroller back there, as well as our trunk organizer.

My trunk organizer (similar here) holds additional changing supplies for Ella, spare clothes and a first aid kit. It also holds my car cleaning supplies, which you can probably tell haven't been used in a while :)

We also keep our pop up beach tent and Ella's canopy to her wagon back here. I had nowhere else to put it, so in the trunk it went.

And that's my car... I can't wait to take a look at yours! We'll be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites and to share some gift guides just in time for Mother's Day!

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  1. I always kept a package of diapers and wipes and a change of clothes in the trunk when my kids were younger too. That way I was always prepared. (and I didn't think your car looked dirty at all)

    1. I was shocked when I looked @ the pics and saw all the specs of dust and debris everywhere! I was like, oh wow it looks like it needs a wipe down.. Haha!

  2. We tend to keep our stroller in my trunk as well, it is just easier since it takes up a good amount of space! I like the backseat organizer you have, might need to get one myself.


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