DIY- Color Discovery Boxes

Hi friends! I am here to share a fun little project with you guys. I was having a hard time figuring out where to begin in teaching Ella the various colors and came across a project during a Google search. While I try to identify colors to Ella throughout the day, I also want to have some 'scheduled' learning time with an activity that focuses on colors.

I started googling ideas and I saw these color discovery boxes on the Lakeshore website. So cute right? I wanted them for Ella immediately!!! Once I saw the price tag I thought, okay... maybe not. They are $60, and while I am sure the quality is great, I can't justify spending that kind of money on them. I decided to try and make my own version of these boxes. We were able to make our own version for less than half the price! And Ella got to help, which was so sweet.

I got 4 white cardboard boxes at Michaels craft store for about $5 each. The rest of the materials all came from The Dollar Tree (my fave spot if you didn't already know!) I could have gotten cheaper boxes, but I figure these were pretty durable and can be reused for future projects!

I used colored shapes and foam lettering to decorate the outside of the boxes. Ella helped with that part and thought it was so fun. We used that opportunity to talk to her about the colors as she decorated.

I found random toys and objects that all matched my desired colors and separated them among the boxes. I went for squeeze animals, small picture books, fake food, plastic utensils, and other random things. 

The little plastic lego containers are Ella's favorite. She loves opening and closing them, which is great for her fine motor skills! 

The rubber animals, like the ducks in this box are great for working on animal sounds!

Ella just loves 'little' stuff, so these boxes are right up her alley!


Ella woke up from her nap and wanted to play right away! She always seems to be more attracted to blues and greens. Blue was my favorite color growing up, so I will be interested to see if she has the same favorite! Ella still isn't identifying colors correctly, but we are working on it everyday! :)

Thanks for checking out our fun little project! We have another color related project that I will be working on and sharing soon! Now some questions for my readers... How did you teach your child colors? How old were they when they could identify colors?

-Ashley & Ella 


  1. I love this DIY so much!!! Hoping I can make it happen for Ro this weekend :) thanks for sharing!


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