Friday Favorites

Hi everyone and hallelujah it's FRIDAY! I am off today and plan on spending the entire day with Ella doing alllll of her favorite things. I see a trip to the park/duck pond and some donuts in our near future! :) I honestly love the weeks that I only work 3 days; it feels like the perfect amount of work life/Mom life balance. If you haven't been around the blog this week you missed some fun posts.

Monday I shared a recap of our fun Fourth of July weekend! Lots of cute pics.
Tuesday I shared some of our favorite Amazon purchases so far this year. So much good stuff, from clothes, to organization stuff and cleaning supplies!

We also shared our Summer bucket list and would love to hear what your Summer plans are! :)

Okay, onto our favorites from this week.


Family walks at sunset are my favorite. Ella's fingers in Michael's eye has me dying. 


I had a long lunch on Wednesday and was able to sneak out of the office to go do a quick grocery run. The store was empty and this Momma was thrilled. I got all kinds of yummy stuff! I had time to clean out our fridge and do a load of laundry too. Surprise long lunches are my fave!

Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee Can

I have been buying this coffee for a little while now and I just love it. It's smooth and the hazelnut flavor is strong. It's one of my favorites and if you haven't tried it you should! It's not expensive either and I love that it comes in a tin as those little coffee bags drive me crazy.


On Tuesday my friend Samantha asked what I was up to. I let her know that I was exhausted from a long night with Ella waking up and was just hanging out at home. She asked if she could drop off some clothes for Ella. She came with a massive bag of clothes and got donuts and coffee for me too... I am so blessed to have such amazing friends! It was the most amazing pick-me-up and I needed it! All of the clothes she gave to Ella are amazing too! 


I made my chocolate chip walnut cookies again and they came out sooo good.


I saw this sidewalk chalk art on my way into the office and thought it was so amazing. 


This sweet little girl has been painting up a storm and it's her favorite. The little cat was me, she isn't that talented yet hahaha!

And those were our favorites!

Have a happy weekend! We we will be back on Monday for a recap of our weekend and our Not Just a Mom link up!

Join my friends and I as we talk about how we do girl time! :)


  1. I'll have to give that coffee a try! I am totally with you about the coffee bags. I typically buy bulk coffee from Costco just to avoid the bags!

  2. I love that pic of her painting!! Lily Grace loves to paint too and it's one of my favorite things to watch her do :) Have a great weekend!


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