Friday Favorites

Hello friends and happy Friday! It has been a long week for us, and we are so thrilled to have our weekend almost here. Our governor announced on Monday that we're basically back into 'shut down' mode. Anything that recently reopened has to close again- hair salons, gyms, museums, etc. And restaurants are back to take-out or outdoor dining only. It doesn't really affect us, as we weren't going to these places anyway, but I am heart broken for business owners, as I am sure they are devastated and stressed. I feel like if we were all compliant with the rules than this would all go away a lot faster. Let's hope people are motivated now more than ever to end this thing for good. 

As far as dentistry goes, we are considered essential and our offices are fine to stay open. I am still feeling comfortable working as our PPE is quite intense and we have a lot of screening procedures for our patients. Michael and I have both noticed that our schedules are a bit 'lighter' than they were previously, but that's because some people are feeling apprehensive to go in, given our area's current numbers. I honestly can't blame them. I am scheduled to work today from 7-4 and I hope to have a nice productive day, so it goes by fast and I can get home to my babies.

If you missed it, we had a couple of posts this week.

On Monday I recapped our weekend...

And on Wednesday I shared some little projects we did at our apartment.

Today I am sharing my favorites from the week. It's a short list since we worked so much this week, but here you go! :)


Ella has always loved going outside and watching her learn to play and explore is my absolute favorite. I never understood why parents were fascinated by everything their kids did and now I totally get it. Her newest obsession is climbing these trees at a park near our apartment. She asks to go there everyday now!

And a picture of her sweet face! :)


There's something that I find so satisfying and relaxing about organizing my planner months, and decorating it too. I sat down on Monday to organize the month of August and realized how much free time we're going to have! We're going to try and fill it up with safe, social-distancing family activities. The giant toucan box is where I keep all my planner stickers and pens... I may have an addiction! I have tested and tried many planners over the years, but my absolute favorite is the Happy Planner. If you haven't tried it, wait for a coupon from your local craft store where they are usually sold. I get them when I have a 40-50% off coupon and it's a lot cheaper. Amazon has a couple options here (affiliate link!)


I made a chicken, potato and corn chowder on Tuesday and it was sooo good. I didn't follow a recipe, I just sort of threw stuff in my dutch oven and hoped for the best. As you can see, the broth split a bit but it was seriously so good I didn't care! Because I sort of 'made it as I went' I don't have a recipe to share yet. I plan on making it again and when I get that recipe, I will be sharing!

I made Ella a plate and she loved it too! She isn't great with broth/spoons so I just gave her some of the mix inside.

Safe to say she was a fan (okay mostly a fan of the plain white rice, but still.. haha!)


Please ignore the mess in the background and focus on Ella's lovely artwork. We bought some foam stickers for a little @ home project and we're loving them for our regular art-time too. She just loves being creative and making things. We are sending some art home to my parents and I hope they stick it on their fridge like they used to with mine.


Ella and I had to run to the store the other day, as we unexpectedly ran out of eggs (her favorite.) We both wore our masks and the store was pretty much empty which was nice. When we were there Ella was really fascinated by this balloon, so I grabbed it. Well it turns out it was twelve freaking dollars. I thought 'what a waste of money' and I almost put it back... But I am a Mom and I caved and I didn't put it back. Thank goodness Ella is OBSESSED and literally took it EVERYWHERE with her this week. I was cracking up at how ridiculous we probably looked walking around with that thing. She even took it to Michael's parents on Wednesday and bought it back. I'm telling you, she wants to take it everywhere hahaha.

Yup, she even wanted to take it on her bike ride... 


The other night we had pizza, spinach and broccoli for dinner (balance, right?) and I let Ella have a tiny slice. She enjoyed it on the couch while watching a movie and had her belly hanging out. I was cracking up! I thought she looked so funny, just living her best life eating pizza on the sofa. #goals



I love Ella's new rainbow pajamas from Carters. They are my new favorites of hers. She just looks so sweet when she is all colorful! I also love that one of her new favorite stuffed animals is her lobster that we got her in Maine on our trip there.

That's our short list of favorites this week! We do have some plans for our weekend and I really hope everything works out the way I am hoping. We are planning on going to a park that has some small redwood trees and hopefully an area for us to picnic together. I also want to go visit a light house as Ella has never really seen one before. Wish us luck that everything is open and not full of people! We hope you and your family have a safe and relaxing weekend. We'll be back on Monday with hopefully some fun pics of our little weekend adventure.


  1. The pictures in this post are so cute! I love the balloon, so funny! Pretty crazy about CA going back to shut down. I wonder when other states will have do that too. I have been using a Happy Planner and really liking it! Hope your weekend plans work out.

  2. It's nuts how expensive some balloons are; I remember feeling sticker shock over a few myself. At least she loved it!!


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